We went out to breakfast on the weekend to one of our regular spots (Cora’s) and had a delicious breakfast (and by breakfast I pretty much mean breakfast food at lunch because we like to sleep in and didn’t get there till after noon). Sometimes I don’t like going to Cora’s because the service can be so-so and the food isn’t always hot, however, the selection of food is excellent (when it’s hot) and this time in particular we had the sweetest woman as our server which made the experience that much better.  I had the two egg breakfast (with bacon, hash-browns and toast) and then treated myself to a chocolate-banana crepe afterwards (so yummy).  Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t, but it’s always very nostalgic when I do because husband ordered one for us when we first started dating after we were done eating our breakfast.  I thought it was kind of strange getting ‘dessert’ after breakfast but soon learned it was far from strange and strictly awesomeness.

 Random fact:  I don’t really drink coffee but love the coffee here.  So much so that I had three cups.  Three.


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