Happy New Year!  How was your new years eve?  We went to our friend’s place for a semi-formal attire party and had a great time; safe to say, Sunday was a complete write off.  More on the party later, let’s jump into the snaps.

On Friday, I hit the gym and then went to the mall to poke around and get some quality me-time in.  I love shopping on my own when there is no time limit, it’s a great way for me to recharge my batteries (in other ways that don’t involve emerging myself in hours of YouTube videos).

I went to Simons and they had so many amazing sales.  If you saw my Snapchat–I’m acoest1984— you saw how crazy the deals were!  This sequin dress is under $30 (i.e. less than half price) and the cardigan was around the same.  If you’re in Ottawa, head over, I find the deals are better in person than online.  That said, I didn’t purchase the dress but picked up a gorgeous bell sleeved top that I wore for NYE.  I can’t find it online, but is similar.

It snowed all day and night on Saturday, and I spent the day doing a major clean of the condo so we could start the new year off on a tidy note.  It was pretty awesome waking up on Sunday morning with almost all the laundry done, clean floors and a tidy kitchen.

The New Years Eve party was such a great time.  There was about 25 people that came and went over the course of the evening, the food table was killing it, the music was on point and the champagne was flowing!  We did a countdown at midnight (of course) and danced the night away.  A truly great way to kick of 2017.

My midnight kiss forever.

Sunday consisted of , less healthy chocolate treats, going to pick up Marco’s car since we Ubered home & Thai take out.  It was so awesome to just chill and lay low.

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Years Eve.  Are you making any resolutions?  I’m still debating if and what mine will be… is that something you’d like to see me share here?

Hope you have a great day, I think we are hitting the slopes for our first outing!  Enjoy the day and see you tomorrow.


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