Good morning ladies, happy May!  How was your weekend?!  Things were kind of low key over here, but that’s great and I’ll take it.  I did take a couple of your recommendations and started watching, 13 Reasons Why last week and am almost done the first season.  What a show!  Thanks for suggesting it, it’s a little heavy, but I’m really enjoying it.

On Friday night, I hit the gym and did an arm workout, plus 15 minutes on the stair master.  Truly wasn’t feeling the workout, but got it in.  Afterwards, Marco and I ordered food and hunkered down for the evening at home.

The shoes above are my most worn shoes for the gym–I absolutely love them!  I got them while in Orlando  over a year ago, at the Nike outlet and totally wish I had snagged a second pair at the time because I cannot find the perforated version anywhere.  They are super comfortable and fit true to size, plus they look just as amazing with denim for a more casual weekend look.



On Saturday I got up and made myself some breakfast, lazed around a bit before heading out.  We ran some errands and then did some fun things like hit up Home Sense to poke around and went out for a late brunch at Broadways.  We eventually came him around dinner time, with sushi from one of our favourite spots, and relaxed.


On Sunday I was up pretty early, did some cleaning around the condo and we eventually made our way out to the gym.  I have been slacking on the gym lately, and on a bit of a treat binge, however Marco always gets me there on the weekends!

Signs of spring!

Sunday poured rain all day, we grabbed brunch at the Barley Mow after our workout and hit up Saks Off Fifth, but didn’t find anything.

I had been eyeing this really cute Valentino nylon jacket for months, and the price kept dropping.  Every time I would go, I would look for it, and it would still be there, still expensive, but less than the last time.

I tried it on a few months ago, but it was still over $300 (yes, a “good price” for Valentino, but not what I was willing to pay for an athleisure style coat).  I went back today, and it was gone!  #wompwomp  Totally bummed out, but it’s not like I pulled the trigger–I was jut really hopeful no one else would snag it and it would get down to a price I could get on board with–ha.

Anyway, hope you girls had a great weekend and see you back tomorrow for a new outfit! xo


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