This past weekend was definitely an exciting and out of the ordinary weekend because, I got a new car!

I’ve had my car above, 2009 Infiniti G37S for four and a half years, and have loved this car.  It was truly a dream car for me and I searched for months to find it back in 2012-13.  At the time, I was living in the city and very close to work.  The only discrepancy about this car is that it was a rear-wheel drive, and in the winter, let me tell you, that is no bueno.

Now again, living in the city and close to work, it was manageable, however there were plenty of times I got stuck in snow drifts, had to get pushed out, had to cancel plans because a snow storm would hit, and would generally be sliding all over the roads (with snow tires).

Ultimately, a lighter-weight, rear-wheel drive car is not ideal for Ottawa winters… but I had to have it, and so the story goes.

Fast forward several years, and as you know, Marco and I recently purchased a home outside of the city–which means commuting and all that jazz.  I always knew if we moved, my car would eventually have to go and the time came a little sooner than expected when the vehicle we were searching for came up in Toronto.

So, after plenty of negotiating and waiting, we finally made the four hour drive to the 6ix last weekend to pick up my new ride!  Here’s how it went down…


I managed to scoot out of work early, and we hit the road in the late afternoon.  We arrived in Toronto around 9pm and checked into our hotel.

We were famished, so naturally: Korean BBQ!  Our fave Toronto tradition.


The next morning, we slept in and eventually made our way over to the Audi dealership for our noon appointment.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and after days upon days (and every weekend, it seemed) of rain, it felt like the best day to pick up the new car!

Seeing the vehicle for the first time (not in photos) was really exciting, and a wonderful experience.  I’ve owned two cars in my life (see my first car here #throwback!), back-to-back, and I always bought privately, so this was very different and the Salesman we dealt with was so great–it made such a huge difference.


I had so many mixed emotions about getting rid of my car, Kiki, and felt quite a bit of sadness as I drove her to Toronto.  It may seem silly, but I truly loved that car and prided myself on taking car of her, washing her by hand, parking far away, driving her with car–all the things to keep her as nice as a I could.  However, when I saw the new SUV, the Audi SQ5, and got to sit in and eventually drive it, my feelings completely shifted!

Crazy excitement, overwhelm and happiness.

I don’t want to be a jerk on this post, I hope it’s not coming off that way.

From there, we hit the road and headed towards home.

We stopped for lunch and then in to see Marco’s family, before getting home late that evening.


The next morning, I whipped up my fave pancakes & we hit the gym.  We ran some errands and came home and worked on mulching some of the garden, cleaning the house, etc. #sundaychores


Thank you so much for all the sweet messages on Instagram when I shared snaps on my Stories on Saturday–you guys sure know how to make me smile!  Thanks for following along & as always coming to this little corner to see what’s going on.

It might seem like I’m talking to everyone (or no one), but I appreciate each and every one of you–whether you comment or not, thank you for being an online friend <3

See you tomorrow! xo



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