Hey girls, just hopping on to share a quick recap of the weekend.  Marco is catching up on the first two episodes of Ozark so we can watch the show together and is already hooked after the pilot!  It’s a crazy show–have you started watching it?

The weekend was excellent, I picked up Marco from the airport on Friday after work and my cousin arrived in town to our place about an hour or so later.  I whipped up some fajitas and we spent the evening girl-chatting and catching up over a bottle of wine.


I spent Saturday running around + got a good workout in as well.

My cousin and I decided to throw a mini surprise party for my sister that evening and I couldn’t say that on Friday in case she read the blog, but it was great.  She’s not the type to love surprises, so I invited a couple of her close friends and we kept it small and intimate, and she loved it.  She thought she was coming over to hang out with my cousin and I, so it was a pleasant surprise to kick of the evening.

She loves the colour purple so I did a purple glitter  banner and a mixed pastel garland–both finds from Winners.  I did a purple cocktail napkin and some helium balloons (not shown) in purple.

We did a spread of snacky foods: a charc board, veggies & hummus, spinach dip, nachos and later on gourmet cupcakes with the birthday song.  It was a fun and late evening and best part: no driving home 😉



On Sunday morning I awoke to Marco making breakfast for the girls–so cute!  Clearly I needed the sleep in after a very late night.

After they left, we rallied and hit the gym before casually checking out the TacoLot in Hintonburg (meh) and checking out a few furniture stores.



We hit up one of our favourite furniture stores, Mobilia, and found the stool above.  I was really looking to incorporate gold into our home, and wanted gold metal legs for our stools and backless.  Clearly this is none of the above, but Marco loved it so we borrowed it to bring it home and check it out.

As it turned out, the back was touching the counter when we tried to move it under so it was a no go and I brought it back to the store.  I’m really set on a backless, non-hydraulic stool with metal legs.  Since all our fixtures and handles are chrome, Marco wants it to all match, but I’m not so sure.  I actually have my heart set on these stools & have been comparing them to the hundreds of stools I’ve seen going through pages and pages of the internets.

Regardless, we’ve ordered these stools because I didn’t mind the chrome legs on the one above when we got it in here.  We’ll see how these new ones look and if they aren’t the ones, we’ll return and the search will continue.

Hope you girls had a great weekend!


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