I’m recapping the weekend and already counting down to the next one.  Who’s with me?

On Friday, I hit up Winners and then the Zellers outlet (in Bells Corners), as some of you might have seen in real time on my Instastories.

The sweatshirt above is by Style Mafia and I cannot for the life of me find it online but it was really gorgeous in person.  If you’re in Ottawa, they had a couple in size medium at the Merivale location ($70).

If you haven’t been to the Zellers outlet, it’s a bit of a gold mine, if you’re willing to hunt.  It’s actually a Hudson Bay liquidation centre, so don’t be fooled by the name.  I had no time limit and needed to just decompress after work, so figured I’d poke around.  Two hours later (!!!) I emerged.

The sweater above is Free People (can’t seem to find it online, but did try it on last year at a Saks) and was regular $165, marked down to $5.  FIVE. DOLL. HAIRS.

There were so many great deals, and plenty of junky pieces too, and I ended up scooping up a sweater from the Lord & Taylor line, which was regular $90 for $4.  Also, if you’re looking for shoes, it’s totally worth checking out as the selection is expansive, especially if you’re a size 9 and under.  They also have furniture, house-wears, mens and kids clothing.

On my way home I grabbed Indian take out and we devoured it.  I always get the Chicken Tiki Masasla and then eat a bunch of Marco’s Butter Chicken.


Saturday morning pancakes, a workout + brunch.

We came home in the afternoon and did a bunch of cleaning, laundry, hung some art and got ready for a little party to watch the fight.




We had a few friends over to watch the fight, which was fun.  Nacho dip, pizza + beer.

Afterwards, Marco and I played a little ping-pong  #whoneedsapingpongtable


* I find AG jeans run a tad big (which I don’t find very often in anything, for myself), so I went down a size.


Taking full advantage of summer mornings by eating outside whenever I can.

I love that I can sit out now in our new home; with our condo, we had a small balcony but I never sat out on it–mainly because there were tons of spiders–so I mostly just used it to check the temperature and then scoot back inside.  Now it’s nice to enjoy the morning sunshine or glass of wine in the evenings.


On Sunday we were up and at ’em, off to the gym and out running errands in preparation for that evening.

Last year we hosted a really fun rooftop crab boil at our condo, and this year we decided to keep the tradition alive in our new home.  We were about 15 people and a great way to end the weekend on a high note.


We purchased the live, Dungeness crab from the Asian supermarket, T&T, and this year Marco had the brilliant idea to serve everyone their crab in the bag.  This is typically how you eat it when you go to a crab shack, so why we didn’t think of this last year is beyond me!  It made eating the crab so much easier, and everyone loved it.  Instead of the crab sliding all over your plate, this made it easy to dig in and like one friend said, ‘Stay organized’ — LOL!

Marco did a garlic butter sauce on the stove and after the crab was cooked, he transferred them to foil pans, poured sauce over them, then I bagged them, poured in more sauce, closed the bag and shook them up more to get saucy.

For sides we did garlic fries in the deep fryer, corn bread & corn on the cob.  Our friends brought pie and mini cupcakes for dessert–delish!

Hope you all had a great weekend & just a few more days till the long weekend, yahoo!

See you tomorrow! xo


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