Hey girls!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a wordy post and I was feeling in the writing mood so I wanted to get on here and share a few things that have been happening over here.

While we are full swing into September, I still cannot believe the summer is coming to an end–I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m not quite ready since our summer didn’t involve much but rain.  However, I am really excited for fall gear and will be sharing tons of fall outfits in the coming weeks.

Before I get into the real update at the bottom of the post, I wanted to quickly touch on this outfit.  I’m such a denim girl–when I’m not in leggings–and have been grabbing this pair over and over again on the weekends and for casual Friday.  They feel great, suck everything in but are also comfortable because they’ve got a great amount of stretch.

This would be something I would wear out on weekends to run errands–the block heels make that feasible–or to grab lunch with girlfriends.  Throw on a scarf and booties and it quickly works as a full-on fall outfit.

Also, this adorable cotton net bag is going to be all the rage and you can find them online for under $5!  I grabbed one for my girlfriend and one for me because who doesn’t love an it bag they can also get for a friend.  Bonus, works great as a grocery hauler 😉


Okay, now that all the outfit information is out of the way, let’s get into the update…

On the home front, things are going really well in our new home.  We love living here and are settling in well.  There are still a plethora of boxes in our (unfinished) basement, but meh.  #whocares  The rest of the house is unpacked, so it kind of feels like if you’re living without those things, what’s the rush to unpack them!?  Haha.  Mind you, there are three large boxes of shoes that are down there, begging to be taken out.  I think I pulled out like 20 pairs and have been rotating through those for almost four months.  Seriously.  I don’t have space in our closet for shoes, so need to figure out some sort of organization for them–likely unfinished shelving in our basement so I can at least see them and they are easily accessible.

Speaking of home, I know I promised you girls lots of posts on the house, including a moving vlog + more.  I’m super upset over this and haven’t been able to bring it up, but, my iMac suffered a HUGE crash back in June and I’ve lost all my photos and video footage.  This includes everything from the moment we found this house (back in February, while still under construction) and everything in between, plus any vlogs I hadn’t put together yet, like our trip to Italy when we got engaged, footage of my Uncle before he passed, my nephews over the last year, our trip to Whistler, and more.  I’m devastated and there have been so many tears cried over this.

We have a friend who is an amazing computer whiz, and he tried for almost a week to recover my files (so thankful for him).  We managed to recover some, but they’ve been shot into over a thousand random, untitled folders on an external drive I purchased, and it’s not all there.  I don’t really know what has been saved, but I know I’m missing a ton.

The good news is, I have an appointment at the Genuis Bar this weekend, and I do have Apple Care.  Worst case scenario, all my footage and photos are gone, and I’ll get a new, blank hard drive.  Best case, they can recover what I’ve lost, but I really don’t even know if that’s realistic to believe.  I keep telling myself to look on the bright side, that there are worse things and that we will make new memories, but my heart aches for such a loss of tangible memories.  All that to say, keep your fingers crossed for me this weekend!  I’m not sure how long they’ll need to keep my computer for, but I’ll definitely keep you updated once I have the news.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to blog on my laptop, so there won’t be any disruption in posting here.


I really don’t want to end the post on such a depressing note, so wanted to share three peaks of last week:

(1)  We have a garden!  We had some shrubs and bushes planted, and turns out, Marco has a green thumb and has been working tirelessly adding soil, mulch and edging.  It’s really cute and is really starting to come together.

(2)  Eve is doing well, we’ve fully switched her over to a kidney diet (low protein) with special food from the Vet.  We brought home canned food and dry food and were told to slowly integrate the wet food with the other wet food we had been giving her.  Well, she absolutely hated the new wet food, and I literally put a 1/16th ratio and she wouldn’t touch it.  So, we tried the dry food without mixing it, and she gobbled it up.  She’s been eating it steady and she seems to like it–such a relief.  We are still giving her the fluids via intervenes every other day, but are slowly backing off and letting more days go by in between per the Vet.  Seems to be okay thus far.

And finally…

(3)  Marco and I celebrated our five year anniversary (!) last week!  I wrote a post about it and then didn’t share it; it just felt like too much.  All that to say, he got me some really gorgeous flowers and we exchanged sappy cards.  We went out to Riviera for dinner and it was a wonderful night.  One of those nights where the restaurant is buzzing but the service is a little slow and you can take your time and enjoy the company.  It was a wonderful evening (even though I hated my outfit 😉


Alright!  If you made it this far, you’re the true ol’ G blog reader (wait, what?).  It’s Friday Eve so hope you have a great day, thanks for listening (err… reading) and see you tomorrow!  xo




Photography by Lisa Provençal.


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