Hey girls, how was your weekend?

Things were pretty relaxing around these parts, and one of those weekends where you don’t get any laundry done and you could have totally been productive around the house, but weren’t…  and sometimes, I just need to step away from that realm for a day or two, you know?

On Friday night we were planning to just lay low, I grabbed some groceries after work and Marco made us butter chicken.  While I was putting together our new couch above, my girlfriend texted and said she was in the area to see if she could pop by.  We ended up having dinner together and a nice visit for a few hours–love impromptu times like that!

Back to the couch above, it’s not new, but it’s new to us.  Basically, it’s been in the family for like, 50 years, it’s been reupholstered three times and I have fond memories as a kid and teen of this couch in my grandparent’s cottage.  It eventually got handed down to my sister, so when she told me about a month ago that they were trying to sell/offload it, I jumped at the chance!  We have a bonus room on our main floor, which I can already tell is going to be a bit of a man cave for Marco.  He mounted a tv in there, and our console/entertainment unit from the condo is in there too.  The only down side?  We didn’t have a couch for the room, and that wasn’t exactly a top priority.

Enter new but not new, hand-me-down couch with it’s modern design and woven fabric.

Anyway, I talked this couch up like crazy to Marco, telling him it’s “pretty modern, and turns into a single or double bed”–hello, perfect for visiting family, or friends who want to crash after parties–and worst case, it can eventually go down to the basement once we do find a couch.  When he saw it, I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, ha, but it looks great in the space, is functional for our needs and I love the fact that we have yet another place for someone to sleep if needed (totally thinking of our teenage niece who would definitely appreciate having her own room if she came to visit with her fam).

I’m always talking about these pancakes, but they are defintely a weekend staple.

I’m usually making them to fuel myself before a workout–I like them because they are healthy, combine natural ingredients but still taste yummy (well, my fiancé disagrees, but, guys are hard to please with the healthy stuff, I find!).

That said, I always link to my post about how to make these pancakes, but what that post doesn’t tell you is that I always add oats now.  It makes the pancakes a little less flimsy plus fills me up and sticks with me.  I never measure the oats, but it’s around 1/3 – 1/2 cup.


Then I was off to meet up with Marco and watch him in his annual softball tournament.  My parents, sister and nephews came out and we enjoyed the amazing summer-like weather (finally!).

In between games, the team went to breakfast at Gabriel’s.  I’m such a two-egg breakfast kind of girl, but wasn’t feeling it this day.  I had the yoghurt-berry-parfait instead and it was a bit of a disappointment, if I’m being honest!  Oh well.



Half the time my nephews won’t even give me a hug (probably because I want one so bad!), so on the off chance they want to hold my hand, I lap that up!  Haha.

We stopped at the fruit/vegetable farmer’s stand on the way home and grabbed some tomatoes and corn on the cob.  We BBQ’ed up some chicken and ate outside on the deck.

We still don’t have an actual table out there, and I don’t anticipate we will this year, but these stools and the little ledge are working out perfectly.


On Sunday morning I was up and headed downtown to watch my best friend run the half marathon Army Race.  Our other friend came and cheered with me, it was so much fun.  We stood around the 19km mark, so the runners were just a few km’s away from the finish line, and that extra boost they got when they heard us cheering, I think really helped.

The energy on race days is crazy, and I always go to cheer if I know someone running.  If you’ve never done it, it’s really quite amazing–tons and tons of people line the streets, but there is still plenty of space to move around, and everyone is clapping or cheering, using noise makers and more.  It’s awesome!  I know if I was running, those cheers would give me a boost for sure.

Afterwards, I had my appointment at Apple for my iMac.  Marco came down and met me, which was really nice, and we even got to grab lunch together in the food court; poke bowl for me!

And the update on the iMac…

If you follow me on Instastories, you already know, but sadly they were unable to recover any of my data from my computer crash.  We were at the Genuis Bar at Apple for three hours and they ran diagnostics and tests and more, and in the end, they had to completely wipe my computer and reinstall.  It was a software issue, and just so crappy.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a back-up of these files, and since this crash happened in June, I’ve had some time to think and come to terms with the fact that my data was likely going to be gone.  So many tangible memories I was saving, especially video to put into vlogs or even just keep to ourselves as special mementos are forever lost, so I’ll have to rely on my own memory to cherish those.

Of course, the lesson is always back up your stuff.  Ugh.

On a positive note, I was able to leave the store with a fully functioning computer and I’m back in my office typing this on it as we speak.  I’m so happy to have my computer back, after months of even avoiding my office altogether because I was so devastated.  Now I’m sitting back at my desk, feeling like I can bring back more videos and just create content for the blog in my space!

Thanks so much for all the supportive words–through Instagram especially.  You girls are so empathetic and kind, and I appreciate it!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and enjoy the rest of your day.  xo


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