So, I polled you girls last night on Instastories and the slight majority said they wanted to see a Christmas recap post over a New Year’s Eve outfit post, but don’t worry if you voted the latter, that will be tomorrow!

Christmas was great on this side, busy during some parts, and quiet during others, and I’m so thankful to have this week off of work to just be home with no plans except where the day may take me.  When going through my photos, I felt a little bummed because I didn’t snap that many pictures because I was moreso trying to get video footage (eek, still trying to finish Vlogmas #fail) and it’s seriously hard to capture the moment on video and in photos, not ignore anyone, and then also just be present in the moment.

Instead of captioning each photo below, I’ll just let them speak for themselves and then share a little bit of how festivities went down around these parts.  So with that, more photos after the jump, if you’d like to see…

On the morning of the 23rd, we packed up the car and hit the road to head out of town to visit Marco’s family.  This year was a little different, as we were celebrating Christmas a day early, so we did our Christmas dinner and gifts that evening, as we usually would do on the 24th (the traditional Filipino way).

The next morning, we hit the road for the hour-and-a-half drive back to Ottawa and upon arrival, unloaded the car, and did some stuff around the house before relaxing for a bit.  Later that afternoon, we headed out to my sister and brother-in-law’s place to celebrate my Dad’s birthday!  They did a pizza and wine dinner, which was perfect for a stress-free dinner during the holidays, and then surprised him with a fun donut birthday cake!  We had a great time before heading home for the evening.

The next morning we woke up super early for the first Christmas in our new place!  To be honest, it felt like any other day, lol, but we got ready, grabbed the prosecco, gifts and cinnamon buns, and headed out in a huge blizzard, back to my sister’s place to open gifts.  Once we arrived, my parents were already there and our nephews were buzzing around with half of their gifts open having the best time.  My sister had an awesome fruit spread with croissants and immediately handed us coffees as we walked in the door #shesknows.  We spent the morning exchanging gifts and my brother-in-law totally nailed it for one of my gifts with this killer ring light for my phone!

Around noon, we zipped back to our place to prepare the turkey and get everything going for Christmas dinner.  We did a fresh turkey (just like the Friendsgiving we hosted in October) and a few sides, plus my parents were bringing the Sweedish mashed potatoes and dessert.  It ended up being just the four of us for dinner, sadly my grandparents were unable to make it, but we had a wonderful time.  We stuffed ourselves, then made lattes and enjoyed some specialty chocolates, while my Dad re-jigged our fridge door that hadn’t been shutting properly.  Total festive activities 😉

The following day, Boxing Day here in Canada, is one of the biggest if not the biggest, shopping days of the year.  Black Friday is finally starting to be a thing here in Canada, which is awesome, but Boxing Day has always been our version of that.  I’ve gone back and forth between hitting the stores and not over the years, and decided I just needed to stay in and take advantage of a restful day after such a busy extended weekend.  I did however share the best post-Christmas sales on the blog, if you’re in a shopping mood!  That evening we decided to head out to a movie and I wore my new cozy cardigan + this star/moon necklace I got for Christmas.  Love.

Yesterday, my parents came over and we spent the entire day working in our basement, installing shelves for storage and more.  And finally, I wanted to share that last picture of my bestie and I having our annual Christmas gift exchange, which happened last week.  We both got each other a bunch of different items, and she gifted me with this cool lightbox, so prepare to be seeing that in all the future videos in the background!

I hope you girls had an amazing Christmas and holidays and I’ll be back tomorrow with the NYE outfit post! xo





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