Shopping at sites like SheIn can be hit or miss, and I’ve gotten a ton of questions of how to shop there and essentially, ‘How do you know it will be good quality?‘  I’ve been pretty fortunate, but there are definitely things you want to look for so I wanted to share some of my tips, plus a few items I’ve worn on the blog that you may not have even realized were from there!

Additionally, I’ll be sharing some current faves at the bottom of the post because I’m actually filling up my cart for an upcoming vacation and trying to not go crazy!  They have some super cute (and inexpensive) items right now that I’m loving.










When shopping at SheIn, look at each picture carefully, zoom in and read the measurements.  I find I’ve had more luck with items that are less structured and more on the flowy side.  However, anything that is more of a crisp cotton has washed up amazing and steams really easily.  While not everything is great on the site, there are definitely plenty of gems if you hunt for them.

One more thing before I jump into my tips: their bathing suits are awesome!  I’ve ordered several and actually reach for them constantly–this one in particular has come on multiple trips and weekends away with me (case in point: my post on packing for an all-inclusive trip).  The thing I love the most about their swimsuits is when they are double lined–this one is a perfect example.  She how the material is double thickness and same inside and out?  That’s what you’re looking for, if you want something that holds you in place a little better.  I find it makes the suit that much more flattering and adds to the quality of the piece.  Plus, you cannot beat the price!  I do find it hard to spend more on swimwear since discovering how good I feel in theirs.



(1)  Size Up

The sizes on the website are comparable to Asian sizing, which means they usually run on the small size.  If you’re in between sizes, I would highly recommend sizing up.  I’m usually a medium and I always order a large on SheIn.  Also, have a look at the listed measurements of sizes to be sure you’re on the right track.


(2)  Read the Reviews

Girls will often post reviews and even photos of the pieces they’ve purchased, on the product page.  This is super helpful seeing how it fits, how it runs and even what it looks like on a real body.  Not every page has this (just depends on the popularity of an item; check out all the girls in my wrap top), but it can be very helpful when it does.


(3)  Steer Clear of One-Size-Fits-All Items

Unless you’re on the shorter, slim side, I would highly suggest staying away from the one-size-fits-all (OSFA) pieces.  These are items that will run around a size small and unless you’re normally a small or extra small, it’s risky.  I’ve seen so many items that I’ve loved on the site, only to realize they are a OSFA and I immediately bypass them.  As a tall girl (5’11) it’s not worth having it shipped, paying duty and then not being able to wear it.


(4)  Be Conscious of Duty Charges

Some of the orders I’ve placed have not incurred duty charges (usually under $50), but I did have a larger order come and there was a charge on delivery.  Kind of annoying, so just something to be aware of.


(5)  Always Search for a Coupon Code

SheIn is always offering some sort of discount on their site, so poke around before you check out.  Even a small discount is better than no discount 🙂




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