1 person, blue lace keepsake dress, cage bag purse, rose gold lace up shoes

Last weekend we went to our friend’s wedding and I have to say, i. love. weddings.  First of all, you get to watch people you love profess their love to one another, there’s wonderful food and cocktails and my favourite part: the dance floor.  Busting a move all night long and just having a great time!

That said, wedding season is upon us and I know it can be stressful to find the right dress to wear.  I have the hardest luck with dresses and recently ordered this one, which turned out to be too short on me.  #ugh  I find when you’re looking for something specific, be it a dress, jeans, a certain top, you can never find it.  It’s when you least expect (or need) something that it tends to pop up.

So to hopefully make things extra easy for you this wedding season, I’ve rounded up some gorgeous dresses, all under $200, to get the party started.

1 cage purse, see through bag, contents contain iphone 8 and lipstick1 person, blue lace keepsake dress, cage bag purse life with aco, rose gold cage bag, evening bag 1 purse, flat lay, iphone 8 in cage bag1 person, blue lace keepsake dress, cage bag purse


I picked up my blue lace dress back in the fall–I was out shopping, saw it on sale and took it into the fitting room with a bunch of other items.  It fit so well and I had zero place to wear it, lol, so after debating and circling the store, I finally decided to pull the trigger.  I figured an occasion would eventually pop up–and it did!  Our friends got married last weekend and this dress was the perfect number to slip into and give it it’s first outing!

Back to the dress, I would say it fits true to size, so if you’re debating one (love that it comes in a few colours here–super marked down, too), I’m wearing a medium.  Some reviews say that the cups are too big, but I found it just right.  Also to note, the dress is backless and a low back at that, so you cannot wear a bra nor a strapless bra so I wore these and that was perfect for the night.

Now, I can’t wrap up this post without talking about this cage purse!  Ah!  I’m so in love with this bag, and saw it online and immediately added it to my cart.  It’s such a statement piece and I knew I’d wear it for the two weddings we are attending this season.  It’s a total statement and adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to any outfit.  Marco definitely made fun of me and even my bestie asked if I was heading out to catch birds 😉  However, when I polled on IG Stories before we left the house, almost 70% were loving it!  While I didn’t showcase it here, I did use a cream fabric bag to hold the contents of what I was putting in the bag and to conceal them a little.  A couple people said not to bother, but I really felt with the bright blue and lace of the dress, I wanted that to stand out, not my lipstick, kleenex and credit card.  If I was wearing a black dress or even a more everyday outfit, I would totally rock this  bag without a ‘lining’.

Lastly, a quick note about the shoes–tons of compliments and very budget friendly.  They were comfortable up until we were waking to the car and I’m planning to wear them again (and dance all night again) this weekend for the next wedding.  They aren’t the best looking quality when you pull them out of the box, but they look amazing on.




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