Back in November, Lisa and I worked with an Advertising Agency and shoe company (Armstrong & Richardson) to shoot the social and marketing images for their upcoming winter campaign.  I had shared a little behind the scenes of the shoot here, but wasn’t allowed to share the actual images until now.

I know this is a little out of season, being that it’s now spring (yay!), but I wanted to follow up since I had said I was going to try and share them here when I could.  You may have seen a few of them on their Instagram page, but we shot so much more than you actually saw.  It was a full two days of shooting over 30 pairs of shoes and accessories, plus we incorporated a male model for half a day and not including all the organization and coordinating ahead of the actual shoot day.

I’d love to share a major photo overload with you if you’d like to see…

The idea behind the campaign was to shoot multiple pairs of fall to winter boots and accessories, in different settings, with different wardrobe but create a streamlined on-brand look.  The images would then be used over the coming months for print and their social media channels.  We typically shot each pair of shoes as a full look, various half body shots and then multiple close up shots of the boots to get the details.  We wanted to give the brand the best variety we could so they could plan their feed.

Our photoshoot ran over two long, cold days outside.  We had hoped to shoot everything in one day and had planned for about six hours, but terrible weather pushed things back and we were battling freezing rain and hail.  We managed to shoot the majority of the product on the first day in about nine hours, however, had to finish the following day.  Fortunately, we got our first massive dumping of snow overnight which gave us a superb variety of photos between the two days.

My favourite shots were the ones on the road with the green jacket & Cougar boots and the first one with the grey jeans and Sperry rain boots.  I had never tried on any of these boots before working on this project and was surprised to find these were the most comfortable!

As always, thanks for reading & I’m off to hunt for a dress to wear to a wedding this weekend (eek!).  I purchased two yesterday from Marshalls without trying them on and they were both a huge miss.  Hoping I’ll have a little more luck today 😉





Photography by Lisa Provençal.


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