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Today’s look is another casual, easy style for running errands or just hanging out during the day.  I will take any opportunity I can to throw on sneakers, especially on the weekend, while we still have this semi-warm-cool weather.  Light layers and simple pieces are always my go-to.

I’ve had these white skinnies in my closet for over a year now and they are hands down in my top 3 favourite denim in my closet.  I find the brand runs a tad big so I went down a size (in both pairs that I own), and am now on the hunt for the perfect pair of non-distressed white denim.

1 person, fashion blogger on bridge, Ottawa bridge1 person, fashion blogger on bridge, Ottawa bridge1 person, fashion blogger on bridge, Ottawa bridgeclose up shot of bracelet, charm bangle on wrist1 person, fashion blogger on bridge, Ottawa bridge1 person, fashion blogger on bridge, Ottawa bridge1 person, sneaker shot, golden goose shoes on fashion blogger1 person, fashion blogger on bridge, Ottawa bridge1 person, close up shot of outfit, Lorenza schouler bag1 person, fashion blogger on bridge, Ottawa bridge1 person, fashion blogger on bridge, Ottawa bridgeI person, sitting on a bridge, wearing a jean jacket


It’s so funny how when you’re wearing something you truly love, you emulate how comfortable you feel.  Case in point this outfit–as soon as I put it on and we started snapping photos, it was just easy.  I’d like to say I feel comfortable in everything I wear, but it’s just not the case.  While I won’t purposely wear something that’s uncomfortable, sometimes new trends or pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is just that: uncomfortable.  However, although I love my heels, whenever I slip into sneakers, I instantly feel comfortable and great.  Case in point: this post, this post and this post–all in sneakers, and I can recall feeling great.

I think it comes down to, especially, what you love to wear on the weekend, when there are no plans and you’re just heading out for a casual day of shopping or visiting family–at least it is for me.  During the week, I have a dress code to adhere to for my 9-5 and while it doesn’t really stunt any creativity for dressing, it’s still present.  The weekends though, are all mine and I love to take advantage of that by wearing things I can’t typically wear throughout the week.  I threw on this almost identical outfit on the other night when I went to watch my nephew play t-ball and it just feels good.  I think developing your personal style takes time and trial and error.  I’ve definitely worn some things on the blog that I look back now and cringe, but mostly just carving out what I truly feel most myself in, and what personal style means.

If you haven’t nailed your personal style, or fashion and dressing doesn’t come easily, don’t worry; it takes time and it’s ever evolving.  I find keeping a special board on Pinterest helps me get an overall vision for what I’m drawn to; neutrals, edgier pieces, items that drape, ankle wrap heels, skate-style sneakers, shorts & skirts over dresses, leather & denim jackets, etc.  Try to make linkages between photos you pin and are drawn to, is it a colour or silhouette that’s speaking to you?  A certain piece or shape you keep looking at?  From there you can start to go through your closet and see what’s missing (for me, I need a drapey black coat for spring to wear to the office), and then make a short list of things you’d like to add to your wardrobe next.

Now that I’ve totally rambled and gone on about a very random topic, I’m heading off to watch another episode of Imposters!  The show has me so hooked and I’m going onto episode 9–I can’t stop watching!  Hope you girls have a great day.





Photography by Lisa Provençal.



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