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When we started planning our wedding, I felt like I couldn’t move forward without nailing down some sort of aesthetic/style/vibe.  Marco kept urging me to order the invitations, but if I didn’t know what theme we were going for, it felt impossible to make decisions on other things.

Obviously, Pinterest comes in super handy, but can also be totally overwhelming.  However, as I started pinning (my wedding inspo board here), I started to see a vision come to life.  I noticed several similarities, and was starting to be able to pick them out.  At first, I was working towards an edgy/moody meets boho theme… but, as the months have gone by, I’m moving towards something less edgy, and a little softer.  Additionally, Marco is pretty traditional, so it’s been a balancing act finding something that pushes away from that a little for me, and but also keeps his preferences in mind too.   He’s definitely an involved Groom!

wedding color palette, olive green wedding colors

When decided on colours, I knew I wanted olive green for the girls dresses.  I’m also a huge fan of blush, but feel like everyone is doing that for their weddings this year (obviously, it’s so gorgeous!), so wanted to use that as an accent colour–plus I’m obsessed with pampas grass.  Since our wedding is in the fall, olive is a great option.  I love the idea of not being dedicated to just one colour, so I spread our colour theme over six colours; olive green, black, blush, grey, white and brushed gold.  Marco wants to wear a grey tux, and I love gold and brushed gold so want to try and incorporate that where we can.

I will say, I’m having the hardest time finding bridesmaid dresses in olive green!  They are so hard to come by, especially in the styles I’m looking for.  I want the girls to wear different styles in the same fabric; long, chiffon and boho is what I envision.  I am absolutely in love with these bridesmaid dresses, so if push comes to shove and I can’t find olive, I’m considering possibly going with sage.

Lastly, since we wanted to get married in Italy (more on that here), but we have decided to stay local, I want to incorporate things that make it feel like Italy; think olive branches, draped greenery and candles.  I want a relaxed vibe for our wedding that feels easy and not over the top.

Ultimately, while I want our wedding to be beautiful, I’m trying not to get too carried away with decor and all the extras.  Everyone keeps saying those are the things that people don’t really remember, and to spend the money on photography, videography, food, drinks and the dress 😉  We just want to throw an epic party with all our friends and family and dance the night away.  Fingers crossed!


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