This summer has been pretty low key when it comes to cooking.  I have been more open to plant-based meals and have found myself turning to really simple recipes when I can’t be bothered to cook (or when Marco is out of town).

Today I’m sharing some simple go-to’s I’ve been making/eating over the past couple months…

The bowl above is a sweet potato, avocado, fried egg bowl.  I bake the sweet potato in the microwave, three minutes on each side, cut it open and top it.  I like to add sesame and Sriracha or chilli flakes to it–so simple and packed full of flavour.

It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with caulifried rice.  I started making this a few weeks back and am totally converted.

If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s essentially the healthy version of regular fried rice, but this one uses only vegetables that are ‘riced’ and come frozen.

I buy the Green Giant pack from the freezer section at the grocery store, fry it up, add some coconut oil, soya sauce and eventually crack an egg and egg white into the pan to scramble.  Mix it together and top with hot sauce.  Dinner in under 10 minutes.


When we go out to eat, I try to make healthy choices and lately we’ve been hitting up Broadways for dinner when we are too lazy to cook (which used to be somewhere we would only go for breakfast).

They have this amazing Greek chicken brochette platter and I get that almost every time.  I try to eat only half the rice but those baguettes get me every time!


You are all very familiar with my healthy pancakes.  I eat these every Saturday and Sunday as a pre-workout breakfast.  Lately, when I have time, I’ll make them in the morning and take with me to work as my en-route breakfast.

The recipe I shared a few years back on the blog is just two ingredients, however, now I always add rolled oats to beef them up and lately I’ll throw in two GG Crackers + a splash of almond milk, to up my fibre.


And finally, date night in last weekend.  We love sushi, so it’s a go-to for when we go out or get take-out.  I always get a rainbow roll and love salmon sashimi.  Marco gets the spicy-crispy-tuna/crab rolls, which are delicious (just not the healthiest choice) and I always sneak a few of those.



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