We are five weeks away from the big day and I teeter between feelings of excitement and stress.  Everyone is telling me I seem calm, which is my hope, but at the same time it feels like there is so much to do in these final weeks.

What’s New

Our colour palette has changed slightly.  Originally, I had my heart set on a deep, olive green for the bridesmaid dresses, and we searched and searched and were coming up empty handed after many months.  Even bridal shops didn’t seem to be carrying olive, so I finally decided to go with the style of dresses I loved, forfeit my first colour choice, and go with a sage green and light grey instead.  We also asked Marco’s niece to be our flower girl and nephew to be our ring bearer .  Our niece will be in the light grey too; I’m excited to see come to life–the dress is totally a nontraditional one and I love that!

I picked up my wedding dress and the alterations were excellent!  I’m so pleased with how it turned out and am so excited to wear it—a little nervous, but mostly really excited.  I’ve decided to keep the gold strappy heels for the ceremony but have something I’m super stoked about for the reception.

And finally, Marco and I went shopping for tux’s and in the end he decided to have one custom made.  I’m so excited to see him in this and we spent an hour or so having him fitted, measured and pouring over fabric swatches and buttons to come up with the best look.  He’s going with black, which I love, and it’s such a nice splurge for him.


We have secured our DJ, videographer, photographer, florist (ish) and the venue takes care of the food.  We have received almost all our RSVP’s back, and am working to secure transportation.  We’ve asked a good friend of ours to be our MC (so fun!) and he said yes, but I need to work on some talking points for him (per his request).  The girls and I have our hair and make-up scheduled for the morning of, I’m slowly planning out accommodations for those extra special guests and we have scheduled our rehearsal with our wedding party and family.

I still need to scout locations for our bridal party photos, find an Officiant (eep!), confirm venue decor colours and numbers with the venue, do the seating chart, finalize our itinerary for the day and share with vendors, purchase what seems like an endless list of random things (guest book, menu cards, name cards for the table, gifts, jewelry for myself, etc.), host our rehearsal, figure out music for the ‘important’ parts of the wedding (ceremony, dances, etc.), get our marriage license, see our Jeweller about the designs he’s created for our bands and more.

I keep having fleeting thoughts about all the things we still have to do, but fortunately our Wedding Planner, Christina, sent me an amazing final-weeks checklist, which is helping a ton.

I will be doing a full vendor blog post after the wedding–who we used, how they were, additional info and more.

Sarah & Melissa, two of my three bridesmaids.


My bachelorette is coming up this weekend and I’m so excited!  A bunch of us girls are going away for a night and I’m ready to party. I mentioned it on Stories, but I ordered a new dress I had been eyeing for about six months, so I’m over the moon excited about this.  I will of course share all the details from our weekend, the outfit and more.  Can’t wait!

There won’t be a bridal shower, but as I mentioned above, we are doing a rehearsal with our wedding party and immediate family.  The idea of planning another event to run through the plans for the big day had me at a stand still.  There is so much on my plate right now, I didn’t want to plan another thing–but the thought of not having something wasn’t an option.  My bridesmaids have been so helpful in taking on tasks. and even started a bridal party Facebook group where we can keep in touch and everyone in the loop easily.  They created a poll to determine what day and time suited everyone best for the rehearsal, and have offered to make it a casual potluck and help me with the clean up.  We lost to host and have people over, but just days before the wedding, I know myself, and the last thing I need is a messy, chaotic house.  So we have planned a casual, afternoon thing, with some snacks and drinks, and plan to keep it low key but get done what we need to get done.

I think that is everything for now.  I know I’m forgetting things but to be honest, my mind feels just jammed with thoughts and to-do’s and decisions I need to make—it’s heavy!  I keep telling myself if I have to be stressed now to enjoy a stress-free wedding day, it will all be worth it.  I’m so looking forward to the day and really getting excited!  I’ll probably do one more update before the big day and more informational/education posts on how-to do certain things, etc.  Hope you girls are having a great week and happy almost-weekend!


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