Things are getting very real around here–and the excitement levels are way up!

We are less than one week away from the big day and I have so much to share since my last update, so let’s jump in…

First lets get really real:  I got sick.

Early last week I started coming down with something and by Thursday it was a full blown sinus cold that has knocked me off my feet and into bed.  When I get really stressed out, I get sick, and the stress of the final three weeks caught up to me and now I’m paying for it.  Need to be better by the weekend! *praying emoji hands*

I don’t think anyone really prepares you for how much there is to do and finalize in the last three weeks before your wedding.  I was feeling pretty prepared, vendors were finalized, deposits were down, major things like RSVP’s were in, our friend agreed to marry us, and more.  We even sent out a digital wedding newsletter three weeks out, to get people hype for the big day!  However, all the small details that I had thought: ‘I’ll get to that’, started to come piling down.  The seating chart, creating the floor plan for the reception, name cards, figuring out a guest book, marking everyone’s meal preferences and allergies to the venue, song selections for all the things (procession, recession, cocktail hour, first dances, songs we wanted played, songs our guests requested, etc.), linen choices, rain location options for photos, finalizing the detailed itinerary essentially by the minute for the bridal party and all the vendors, transportation (oops!), printed menus for the reception, figuring out a reading for our ceremony, finalizing the accommodation plan for our immediately family, getting some last minute alterations to my dress after all, writing the ceremony script, and speaking points for the MC.  The list seriously goes on, you guys!  So. Many. Moving. Parts.

I felt completely bombarded, stressed and overwhelmed; but with no other option than to just dig in and get it done.  These weren’t items that would just ‘fall into place’, they were things I actually had to work at and make happen or they wouldn’t happen and they were on the mandatory list.

One of my bridesmaids came over and we worked on the menu holders, name cards and seating chart–just getting bums in chairs at the correct table.  In the coming days I designed the menu digitally and eventually sent it to print, re-arranged exactly where each guest would sit at their designated table and drew out the floorpan for the venue.  I finalized everyone’s menu choice, advised the venue on all the selections we wanted from cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres to midnight buffet, and how and where things needed to be set up.  I finalized our songs and sent them to our DJ and finally had a FaceTime call with our out-of-town videographer to run him through the timeline of the day.

Things that I’ve taken care of since the last update is finalizing the florals, I ordered and received my wedding jewellery (will do a full post on this after the wedding!), minus our actual wedding rings, finalized photo locations with our Photographer (and locations in case it rains), and we have our officiant, as I mentioned above.

We hosted our rehearsal, and it went well, but I was so sick.  As we were going through the itinerary with 15+ people, I kept having to stop and ask if I was making sense because the cold meds had me so foggy.  It was not the ideal day to host it, but we had people travelling from out of town to attend, and really it was the only day to do it, so we got it done.  Everyone pitched in, our families and the bridesmaids took care of the food and drinks and Marco and I just essentially needed to show up (aka clean the house and look presentable).  It was an afternoon thing where we ate, drank, covered the itinerary of the day and then rehearsed the ceremony; order, walking, etc.  Success, and like everything else as it’s been completed: check.

Lightbox for wedding, acomspwedding

I’m currently putting together a box of all the decor items we need to bring to the venue when we do our walk-through later this week.  This will include the menus, name cards, our guest book (it arrived!), special decorations, and whatever we want to have there and that they will set up on the day of.

We are meeting with our Jeweller this week–the rings are ready!  I’m so so so excited to see our designs come to life, but at the same time want to be surprised at the ceremony.  Initially I wasn’t planning to go with Marco when he picks them up, but our Jeweller wants to ensure it fits and we are good to go (I mean, duh, makes sense), so we are planning that I will just stick out my hand and not look.  BUT YOU GUYS, I think I’m going to have to look because I’m too damn excited!  Haha.

I also need to steam my wedding dress, pack my overnight bag, pick up the menus from print, finalize the MC speaking points, pick up a sign I’m having made, clean the house so it’s ready for the morning of and photos and tie up a few other loose ends.  My wonderful bridesmaids have taken on the task of picking up breakfast foods and mimosas for the morning of.

Wow, we are close!

Writing it out like this (aside from notes in my phone) is also helping me see the light–I’ve been so bogged down by all the tasks, it’s amazing to see it finally falling into place.  Once thing is for certain, we are so excited and I can’t wait for the day to be here.  I’m nervous and excited!

Oh!  And one more thing, as we are getting so close, and this will be my last update before the wedding, you can follow along on our special day using the hashtag #acomspwedding.  We have already started using it so there’s some photos there now you can take a peek at!  See you soon!


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