I wanted to share a new, super budget-friendly eyeliner I’ve been using and loving for the past few weeks.

Rewind to a week or so before our wedding

I was at the drugstore picking up my favourite liquid liner; I did my own makeup for the big day and wanted to ensure I had everything I needed on hand.  While perusing, I saw this nude liner and figured I would pick it up and give it a shot.  If anything, if said waterproof and while I’m not usually a waterproof-makeup-lover, I knew I would need a little help for the wedding 😉


I tried the eyeliner a few times before the big day in my waterline and loved it.  The pencil is super creamy and glides on like butter, and it stays put.  It totally brightens your eyes and I ended up bringing this with me for our honeymoon and wore it daily–even splashing in the ocean and sweating on the sand, it stayed put.

I picked up the black eyeliner as well on the same day and used it to add some dimension to my lower lash line for our wedding.  This stuff is seriously pigmented and should be used with a light hand.  It is really smooth and creamy as well and is great for the waterline too.  Both eyeliners are under $4!  Such a steal & I snagged mine at Shoppers (if you’re local), otherwise you can find them here.




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