It’s that time of year again, and I’m diving into my analytics (like last year), to see what you girls loved the most and bought the most of.  There are several in here that are personal faves, so let’s jump in!

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Jacket

This jacket was the number one item purchased in all of 2018!  I picked this up during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (see all those posts here) and while it was a splurge, it’s so pretty.  I also love that this jacket is a 3-in-1 wherein the interior vest detaches.

Since this jacket is just about sold out (if you’re a large though, there is one left more than 50% off here), they also carry a vest version (all sizes) which I love, and it’s now on sale & a green version in an almost identical style.  If you want the vest, and are a size large, it’s 65% off here.

SIZING NOTES :  I went with a medium and the fit was good through the shoulders, but the body is pretty roomy–which is great if you want to layer or wear a sweater underneath.  If you’re tall, like me, the sleeves aren’t overly long, if I’m being honest, but it didn’t bother me much.


Rag & Bone Dark Denim Skinny Jeans

A favourite from last year made the number two spot this year!  These are probably my favourite jeans of all time–they feel super good on (stretchy with a slight thickness), are a full length hem (which I love, especially for winter/boot situation) and are a dark denim so pull double duty for casual Friday at work, date nights and regular weekend running around.

These ones have the raw hem like mine, but are a different wash than above.

SIZING NOTES :  I went with my usual size (30) when I purchased these almost three years ago, and they still fit great.  I always hang them to dry, but have found they are losing a tad bit of their stretch so may start popping them in the dryer.  That said, considering I’ve worn these on a weekly basis for almost three years, they are still in great condition and uber comfy.


Rag & Bone Black Skinny Jeans

1 person, Vince Addison shoes, Givenchy antigona bag

I have so many mixed emotions about even sharing these jeans in this post because I raved about these for months and then they totally let me down.  Let me explain.

I had initially purchased these in the summertime, and felt like my hunt for the perfect pair of black skinnies was finally over!  First, I have never made my love for Rag & Bone a secret, and these were no different.  Slightly higher waisted and I loved the raw hem/length.  They were stretchy and sucked you in and all kinds of goodness.  Plus they were real dark, like opaque black, which I felt made them weekend and office appropriate.

I wore these pants a lot, and by a lot, I mean bi-weekly, sometimes every week, and felt like I could really rely on them as a new staple in my closet.

You guys loved them too, and were messaging me about how great they felt on and mostly everyone agreed they were super flattering.  We all couldn’t get enough!

Fast forward to the first wash, they faded considerably.  Not enough for someone else to notice, but the seams were a little less black.  No problem, I thought to myself, I’ll just try not to wash them after every wear and turn them inside out when I do.  I should note that I always hang everything to dry. However, with each wash, they were getting more and more faded–and this was only within three months of owning them.  One fateful wash, my jeans literally came out grey–with faded marks all over them.  I thought once they dried, maybe it would be okay, but went to put them on for work one morning and they looked absolutely terrible.  Definitely couldn’t pass for office attire, so I  wore something else that day.

Since I still had my receipt, I took them back to Nordstrom and they were great about giving me a refund for them.  I was truly sad to give them back, but they looked really bad and I already have a distressed pair of Rag & Bone jeans and was really hopeful over these black ones.  I’m still debating what I will get to replace these, but I like the look of these (and generally love the brand; I suggest going up a size).  If you guys are having any issues with your jeans like me (I’m so sorry!!), I would highly suggest you bring them back if it was Nordstrom.  They have a great return policy and even without your receipt, they can look you up in the system.


Free People Cardigan

I purchased this guy at the end of 2017 and you guys loved it!  It’s a really cozy, oversized cardigan that I wear around the house a lot, but it also looks great paired with a tank, jeans and boots.  It’s near sold out everywhere now, but I did find two colours available here.

SIZING NOTES :  I’m wearing a medium/large, but only because when I purchased mine, that was all that was left.  It’s definitely over-sized so I could have made the xs/small work too; just a matter of preference, I think!



1 person, long cardigan and proenza schouler ps11 mini classic bag

SIZING NOTES :  Since the skirt sits high (at your natural waist), I went down to a size 29 and it was perfect.  Also wanted to note that this is a mini skirt, so especially if you’re tall like me, it’s definitely not office appropriate but great for weekends.


Lace Trim Cami

1 person, blogger girl, black cami and jeans, Celine phantom

This cami was originally from BP. but has since sold out.  We loved it because it was really pretty, budget-friendly and a great addition to any wardrobe as a closet basic.  That said, there are sooo many options now when it comes to camis, so I’m linking some of my favourites below.

SIZING NOTES :  I went with a medium and felt it fit true to size.


Photography by Lisa Provençal.


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