So excited to bring you guys this new series of casual try-on, correlating with Instagram Stories. I have done a few of these in the past, but never regularly and recently noticed how much you all love them.

When I polled you last week on Stories, whether we wanted this series to be on Tuesdays or Sundays, Tuesday won, but not by much. So we will start with this series on Tuesday, but depending how it goes, it may come on a Sunday every now and again.

If you haven’t been on Instagram today, you can check out my stories to see video of all the pieces I’m wearing plus additional thoughts. I find it can be useful to see how something moves and little fit details in a video. If you’re new around here, you can read about my measurements here.

I’d like to make this a regular, weekly post with the hope that it helps you find pieces for your closet before they sell out. Many times I’m holding pieces to shoot for an official outfit post, and by the time I share it, it’s often sold out. So many of you said last year that you wanted to see more things as I buy them, right away, even if it’s just in a casual, mirror-selfie setting. So here we are 🙂 Let’s jump in!


First up are these sneakers that I actually shared on Instastories on Saturday (which can be found in the highlight reel here). I purchased these for the gym, as I like to wear these to lift. I had been eyeing the regular Chuck Taylors (of which I have in white), and wanted a black pair this time ’round. However, I wasn’t totally sold everytime I tried on the classic version. Something was holding me back.

When I stumbled upon this style, I immediately fell in love and pulled the trigger! I love the black and gold grommets, black lacing and stitching, they totally change the look of the shoe, but you still have that classic feel. Per usual, size down in this brand, I’m wearing a 9.


When I saw this sweater, it was an immediate yes! You girls know I’m a huge fan of the brand, and oversized sweaters are my jam. This one definitely runs big so size down (I’m wearing a small–size medium & large available) and I love the lace up detail on the back of it. You can wear a normal bra no problem but if you want to wear it off the shoulder, strapless is ideal.

The jeans are our favourite ones from last year (and the year before!) but in a high-rise version. My original ones are getting pretty faded from being worn all. the. time. and was in need of a new, super dark pair. These ones are stretchy, comfortable, they suck you in and all sorts of amazing! The wash is called, bedford, and I went with my usual size.

The boots ! I was eyeing these boots for months before finally pulling the trigger back in November. I had to have them shipped to my postal box in the US, so it took me some time to get down there with the holidays being so busy (only about an hour drive, but still). That said, I’m so in love with these and they are the perfect tan colour (I’m wearing the light alpaca suede), not green-ish whatsoever as show on the retailer’s website. These are my first pair by the brand and they fit true to size (I went with a 10).


Okay, if you’ve been here for a while, you girls know I love this top, and I think almost all of us have either purchased or wanted to purchase this one! The brand releases this top every year in a slightly updated silhouette but the bottom line remains the same: comfiest waffle, long sleeve, you will ever purchase that is also uber flattering!

This is my fifth thermal, but first in this style–I have two other styles in white, off white, olive green and black. Again, this runs oversized so go down a size or two, depending how you want it to fit (I’m wearing a small). If you’re tall, you will especially love this because the sleeves on this year’s version are super long (with thumb holes that actually work for a tall person). This also looks great tucked in or left untucked, with jeans, sweats, leggings and shorts. If you’ve always wanted one, or need another one for your closet, now is the time to buy since it’s on sale!


I shared this sweater in red on new year’s day but wanted to officially talk about it in grey in this post since (1) it comes in seven colours, and (2) is under $15!

My parents saw this on my wishlist for Christmas and gifted me with both, and they are so cozy good! I’m wearing a size large, which frankly is too big for my liking, but we didn’t want to go through the hassel of returning so I’m either going to make it work, or try to shrink it a little in the dryer (haven’t tried yet 😉 ). All that to say, go with your true size and you should be good.

The jeans are a favourite brand and I was so excited to score these on sale!
They are a fantastic weekend jean for either hanging out or heading out on the town, have a lot of stretch to them and are really comfortable. They are my third pair from the brand and typically I size down.


If you think you’ve seen this outfit before, it’s because you have–it was what I wore on Christmas! However, I wanted to give some love to the tank top because it’s a great budget-friendly find that would be great for any wardrobe.

The tank comes in three colours (black, red and cream) and fits true to size (I’m wearing an 8). It’s slightly cropped, so best with a high waisted item, but if you’re more petite, will likely be a regular length. There is a v in the front and back, but doesn’t expose your bra, and I love how the eyelash lace goes up over the shoulders and onto the back. Very pretty for under blazers, a duster cardigan or on it’s own.


New black skinnies, you guys! If you read this post about the debacle about my old black skinny jeans, you know I was on the hunt. These couldn’t have come at a better time for work and everyday life.

The brand runs a little small, so I always size up (31). These are a full length pant which I really like, especially for winter and ensure they are inside my boots for warmth 😉



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