1 person, girl in skirt and off shoulder top holding celine bag

One of the most common questions I get is, ‘What bra are you wearing/do you wear with that?’ And it’s totally valid!

There are so many trendy tops right now that are off shoulder, cold shoulder and cami style that require a strapless bra. Meanwhile, the hunt isn’t always easy (or it can be super expensive!). So today, we are talking my favourite, budget-friendly, strapless bra.

First off, I’ve been wearing this bra for over six months now and am liking it more and more as the time passes. I’m so glad I picked it up in black and white, because I wear both equal amounts and find myself reaching for it mulitple times a week. As an added bonus, they are currently half price!

Personally, with a slightly larger chest, I find I need a strapless bra that has a thick centre piece. However, I know many girls who are smaller chested that say this style of strapless works really well for them.

Looking for a backless bra? I talked all about the one I have & love in this post.

This strapless is great if you have a sweater with a larger neck opening, something off the shoulder, or if you’re wearing a mesh style top. I’ve worn it to work, on the weekends and even with dresses to more formal events. Truly a versatile piece you will need and love!


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