Good morning!

This is going to be a lighter weekend recap than usual simply because I took like, zero photos.  We had our nephews come over on Saturday for a sleepover and I took a few pictures of them, but unless you were hoping to see me in my pyjamas making French toast with bed head, I mostly just lived in the moment!

BTW I’m kidding–no such photographic evidence of that event exists, but we did have fun feeding those little guys + introducing them to hard shell tacos!

I thought I could use today’s post as a little update on life and what’s been happening around these parts…

First things first, the above photo:  our wedding thank you cards!  OMG.  This has been on my to-do this for months (obviously) and I am so excited to get these out.  I think etiquette says within two months of your wedding, which clearly I’m behind, so I really buckled down this weekend and got it done.  Just need about 30 more stamps and it’s go time.

We have a couple trips coming up and I’m on the hunt for warm weather pieces.  I’ve already purchased several things and am just waiting for them to come in the mail (fingers crossed they fit!).  So if you’re looking for vacation worth pieces, I’ll be sharing those in the coming weeks + trying on the swimsuits (if I can get up a nerve 😉 ).  I’m eyeing these slides which just got stocked in all sizes this morning & these high-waist bikini bottoms are pricier, but I love that they actually cover the belly button.

My go-red nail polish.

I had read a tip about parenting wherein you give kids a countdown to stopping whatever fun thing their doing to avoid a tantrum.  We tried it on the weekend with a movie we were watching, knowing we needed to get them in bed and finish the movie the next day.  I told them we would watch for five more minutes, then it would be time for bed.  Then I gave them a two minute, and one minute warning.  When we told them it was time for bed, they made zero fuss and got up and made their way to their room.  Not like I know anything about parenting, but it was definitely a tip I’ll take into the coming years if we have kids.

If you read my recent beauty post, I’m still obsessed with this foundation (just picked up another one in ‘light’).  I tried the tinted moisturizer and wasn’t crazy about it–it’s very thick with SPF, which will be good for vacation, but meh for everyday life–so if you’re debating, get the foundation.

I recently plowed through the show, Friends from College, on Netflix.  I had watched the first season in the summer (I think) and was stoked to see season two was out.  It’s a really easy watch, possibly man-friendly too.

I think that’s all for now, I hope you girls had a great (and restful) weekend!



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