Jackson miles band performing Ottawa

When we started wedding planning, I asked Marco to outline his top three must-haves, and I did the same. Number one for him was to have a band.

I’m going to be honest, I was on the fence about this one, as someone who loves to cut a rug, I just wasn’t sure a band was for us… until we found the Jackson Miles Band.

jackson miles band at le belvedere wedding

Late one night, after hours of addressing invitations and stuffing envelopes with my bridesmaid, we got onto the conversation of music for the wedding. I replayed the conversation, yet again to another person, of how Marco was set on getting a band, but everything we had come across wasn’t the right fit. She asked me if I had heard of Jackson Miles, and I hadn’t. She showed me their website, we watched a few videos and I started to think this might be it. But of course, would still need to win over my future-husband.

She asked me if I had heard of Jackson Miles.  The rest was history.

The next day, I sent him the link and encouraged him to check them out. He immediately came back excited! He urged me to have our Wedding Coordinator reach out to them and get the process going.

The rest is history.

jackson miles band set up

Between booking Jackson Miles and our wedding day, I had several calls with Jason, the owner and one of the Singers of the band. What struck me with our first call was his calm and friendly personality and that he was truly willing to please. Music is so important to both Marco and I, and it’s something I tend to take pretty seriously anytime we are hosting–it truly can make or break an evening! So when I let this little neurosci slip to Jason, he completely understood and affirmed that he makes good music his top priority and setting the mood is what they do best. He was also great in helping determine how many band members we needed. I loved that there were options, and since we were about 100 guests, he suggested that a trio would be sufficient; they have various options depending on the size of your event and can bring in up to a 10 piece band, including a woman vocalist if wanted.

We also discussed all the important details, such as what songs to play for the ceremony, cocktail hour, first dances, etc. Jason was super helpful in offering suggestions and listening to any concerns I had. With their vast experience of playing weddings and events, he reassured me on how things would play out and that we would be happy. I also loved how he laid out exactly how they move through the evening in a timeline. Additionally, because they offer DJ Services, we opted for that in between the live music sets. A one stop shop for all things music and to appease my fiancé? Yes please!

Fast forward to our wedding day, and the music was perfect. All. Night. Long.

Fast forward to our wedding day, and everything was perfect! I ran into Jason right before I was about to head outside and walk down the aisle, and he was so sweet; again, so calm and warm. As an empath, and someone who absorbs other’s energies, this is so incredible helpful on a day as stressful as your wedding!

The music for the ceremony went off without a hitch, Jason had everything ready to go and was all hooked up to the outdoor speakers with him hidden inside ensuring everything was playing out perfectly. He nailed it for our song to back walk up the aisle once married and then seamlessly switched to smooth, chill house music for our cocktail reception.

bride and groom dancing outside at le belvedere

After we said hello to everyone, Marco and I ducked outside to take photos before the sunset and the music was being played inside (for all our guests) and on the outdoor speakers and it was perfect! We were grooving as London Grammar’s, ‘Hey Now’ came on and I turned to Marco and said, ‘He’s killing it! This music is exactly what I envisioned!’.

Soon after, it was time for the wedding party and us to make our entrance, separate songs and then we went immediately into our first dance. The crowd joined us on the floor for a big party to Michael Jackson’s, ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ and Jason seamlessly slowed it down for us after. All the happy feels just recounting this!

le belvedere first dance bride and groom wedding
Jackson miles band playing at le belvedere
Jackson miles performs at le belvedere Wakefield wedding

They were set up in front of the head table, just on the other side of the dance floor, and as soon as they started playing, everyone was just mesmerized. I remember putting my head on Marco’s shoulder and just swaying to the music, it was like front row seats to the best concert of your life. Their music, their voices, everything was just incredible. They played easy hits that everyone knew–from Pearl Jam, to Bob Marley, to John Mayer, David Gray, the Tragically Hip and more (check out their full song list here). It. Was. Magical.

The absolute best part, was when the band all came together, and started to play for the first time during dinner.

They played three sets over the course of the evening, with DJ music in between, and each set was better than the last! They read the crowd, got people on the dance floor and made the night so much better than I ever could have imagined! Looking around, everyone was having the best time, singing along and feeling like they were at a private venue concert! It was truly the talk of the evening–Jackson Miles Band and how awesome they were!

peter voith of jackson miles plays guitar at wedding
bride and groom dancing at their wedding among friends
Jackson miles band performing Ottawa

In the days and weeks that followed our wedding, our friends and family could not stop talking about the band at our wedding, and how sensational it made the evening.

Not getting a band would have been the biggest mistake because it truly lifted the evening and brought out the biggest smiles on everyone’s faces, including ours to make for the best day ever.

Photography by Lisa Provençal.


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