Good morning!

This week’s weekend snaps are scarce, I’m going to be honest! We had such a good, busy weekend, but there was a lot of cleaning and prepping for a get together we were hosting so not a lot of ‘photo-worthy’ moments, if you know what I mean!

That said, I have a couple pictures to share, so let’s jump in.


Friday night was really simple–a quick workout and then I met Marco for some ramen. We got home and just relaxed.

On Saturday, if you follow on IG Stories, you already saw, but I met up with Lisa and we finally shot a few looks for the blog. V excited because truth be told, it’s been brutally cold here and the last thing I want to do is shoot outside. Fortunately, Saturday was a balmy zero degrees Celsius, so we jumped at the chance.

Then it was home to clean, clean and clean some more. We host our friends for a monthly game night, but haven’t had one since before our wedding (it was busy, then the holidays, etc.) and now we’re getting back into the swing of things!

That said, we had 21 people RSVP yes–that’s like, double what we normally have! The game night is essentially an open house, come if you can, and if not, come next month. No pressure. But we do open it up to everyone. I think everyone was excited to have something to bring us all together since it’s been a while, plus not much going on in February so it was perfectly serendipitous.

Marco did mussels for everyone to start, and then whipped up an awesome seafood chowder and a chilli (for those that don’t like seafood). He also single-handedly made 26 bread bowls from scratch! It should be noted, he’s never baked anything in his life before (who is this guy?!).

The dinner was a huge hit with everyone, so delicious and something different too. Afterwards, we pulled out all the snacks everyone brought (every kind of chip you can imagine, caramel corn, French macarons, cheese curds, fresh baked cookies, banana bread and more. We even did a birthday cake for the January and February babies since we never did anything to celebrate them on their actual birthdays. So. Much. Food. But also so good.

I’m going to be honest, Sunday was a little rough 😉 It was a day for cleaning, and a day for relaxing. I didn’t get out of my sweats, spent three hours cleaning, and the rest of the time just lounging and recovering. It was just what we both needed after such an eventful and fun evening.

Hope you girls had a wonderful weekend yourselves, I can’t believe it’s March at the end of this week–woohoo!



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