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A couple weeks back I asked you on Instagram Stories if you had any blogging related questions (you did, I shared the answers here), and a lot of you came back with non-blogging related questions so I thought I would share them in a separate post today.

Let’s jump in…

What do you do with all the extra clothing items you haven’t worn in a long time? Do you give your clothes away? Sell them? etc.

I have consigned a lot in the past (if you’re local, I love AMH Style) but haven’t done a purge since we moved into the new house. I also donate if it’s something that can’t be consigned, and let friends go through stuff too (I don’t have a ton of friends that are the same size though).

I’ve done sales online in the past, but the shipping is pretty expensive to send anything, and since more than half of you are in the USA, oftentimes the shipping really kills ‘a good deal’.

Can we get a closet tour?

Yes! This was a highly requested one so I will film this once we are back from our trip and I’m unpacked 🙂

Did you get your eyebrows microbladed?

Never, I just pencil them in every morning 🙂

Did you have a bridal shower?

I did not. While I would have loved to have another excuse to get together with my favourite women, I didn’t feel it was necessary and also didn’t want to make my bridesmaids spend more money putting it on.

That said, I love bridal showers and especially a more un-traditional style wherein you eat, drink, socialize and let the bride open her gifts in private.

All wedding posts can be found here.

Favourite undies?

I swear by these.

Every once in a while it would be informative if any of the outfits come in plus size and your thoughts.

Noted! I will try to keep that in mind 🙂

I do always like to check the curvy section of Forever 21 as they get styles/fabrics that the non-curvy section doesn’t have. H&M has a great curvy selection and I recently noticed Ardene started carrying a line that caters to that too.

Are you just walking from the parking lot each morning?

Haha, yep (it’s a long walk).

blonde bride at her bachelorette party

Did you have a lot of say in your bachelorette party? Anything you wished you did or didn’t do?

Kind of but not really. I told my Maid of Honour what my ideal bachelorette party looked like, and she and my bridesmaids planned around that and what was realistic to everyone coming. I knew we were going to Montreal for a night, I knew we would be going out dancing and I knew who was coming.

I really, really wanted to spend two nights away, so the first night we could just chill and cook a big meal and then have a crazy night out the second day but it wasn’t realistic for a lot of girls to commit to two nights, so we did one, and that was still great.

The girls totally went above and beyond for me though, and I felt really spoiled! They had a killer spread when we arrived to snack on, took me to a gorgeous place for dinner and we ended up at such a fun night club that had multiple rooms with different music playing. No expense was spared and they covered everything which was so generous. Two things that really touched me were my bestie had these incredible custom made cookies done up and my sister ordered Tim Hortons coffee for the next morning through Uber Eats, which was heavenly waking up to.

As far as wishes for things we did do–no, I loved it all. I really wanted to get away and party and we did just that. The fact that so many of my girlfriends came was so heart warming too!

How much vacation do you get per year?

Four weeks. I’ve been with my work for 12 years though, and initially started with three weeks.

How old are you and Marco?

I turned 35 a couple weeks ago and Marco is 37.

Are you planning to have kids someday?

This was another one you guys were asking a lot! The answer is yes.

We are excited and nervous and all the things, so we will see what happens!


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