I’ve spent a lot of time in bed during the last seven months (being pregnant), and Netflix has been a saviour for that. So today I’m rounding up my top 10 favourite shows I’ve been binging on and why.

Queen of the South | If you’re into drug trade/cartel/Narco’s-style show, love a little suspense, are good with a little gory and want something intense, this is the show. Now with four seasons out, this show is one that has kept me entertained and completely enthralled–it’s hard to go to bed without watching, ‘just one more episode’.

Good Girls | My parents actually suggested this one and it’s so good! Three mom-housewives rob a bank and it gets into the shenanigans that follow. There are some darker moments, but it’s not scary, but definitely keeps the audience entertained.

Easy | This is kind of a weird show, but a little fascinating at the same time. Each episode is unrelated in cast, but then somehow, often at the end, you start to see glimpses of how all the characters are interlinked. The episodes are real and raw, and follow the lives of people in really difference circumstances; a single girl who’s child bearing years are upon her, a married couple who opt to open their relationship, a middle aged man and a woman who have been friends for years but have never crossed the sexual boundaries (until they do), a lesbian couple navigating the waters of finding themselves separately, and more. I wouldn’t say it’s an uplifting show, but it’s really catchy and draws you in.

Friends from College | I love this show! Sadly they only made two seasons, but it’s so good. It follows six people who have been friends since college who are now all in their 40’s and living very different lives, but still keep in touch. There are is a little bit of drama and a lot of secrets and it is really good.

Dead to Me | Two women who meet under weird circumstances and click, only for one to find out that the other is a pathological liar and has made up a wild-goose chase history that ends up bonding them. The show is a little dark, but also follows the friendship closely and really ropes you in. Christina Appelgate plays one of lead characters.

Imposters | I can’t say too much about this, or it will give a lot away, but it’s essentially about a con woman and all the “characters” she plays to win people over to take their money and disappear. There are two seasons and they are so good!

Girlboss | You’ve probably seen this one, I watched it a while back but wanted to include because it’s so good. It’s based on Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso and how she came up from nothing to building this multi-coloured-million dollar brand. If you’re into fashion and hustle, this is for you.


Schitt’s Creek | Now in their fifth season, this light hearted and enjoyable show is all about a rich family that has everything taken from them in the very first scene and are forced to move from the big city to a small, rural town where they ironically own the rights to a run down motel. The family hilariously stands out like a sore thumb with their designer outfits and clueless mind-set but somehow make friends over time and end up winning the audiences’ heart. This show is an easy watch and over the top, but so enjoyable at the same time.

Friends | Need I say more? If you never watched Friends consistently before (me), but had seen episodes here and there and enjoyed, why not watch from the beginning? It’s so interesting to see the cast evolve, the storyline go through the years and it’s an easy watch to set the tone for sleep (or for a lazy full day in bed).

Kim’s Convenience | Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and all about a Korean family that owns a convenience store. The show follows the comical parents who run the store, plus their two grown kids navigating adulthood. It’s nothing mind blowing, but it’s a really light and easy watch with three seasons.


Power | I’m on the sixth and final season of this show (which is currently airing on Starz) and it’s so good, and so intense. It’s about two main characters, who are best friends, and drug lords in New York City. Dark and intense, with a hint of luxury, it gives an insider look at what really happens on the streets on New York, money laundering and how cops are involved in trying to crack down on criminals (but from a pro-criminal vantage point).

The Morning Show | This one is on Apple TV, and I just got into it last week. There are only five episodes thus far, but I’m obsessed! With an all star cast (Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carrell, Billy Crudup, to name a few), and a grabbing plot line, you’ll instantly fall into this show. It’s loosely based on the Good Morning American scandal and the #metoo movement and gives a behind the scenes look at what goes into making a powerful morning news show.


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