It’s been a while since we’ve done a pregnancy update (last one was here) and I’m officially into my third trimester. I wrote this post a couple weeks ago and have since had my baby shower (full post to come; here is what I wore), slowed down a ton and am growing a lot.

Knowing we are in the final stretch is bringing me a ton of apprehension but I’m surrounded by so much support and mom-friends, which helps a ton. Leaning on those girls has been so instrumental during this pregnancy–it’s such an emotional ride!

With that, let’s jump into the bump date…

How big is the baby?

Zucchini or about 16 inches long.

What’s the gender?

A boy!

You can see all the photos from our gender reveal party here. Video here.

How are you sleeping?

Okay–mostly up once in the night for the restroom and able to fall back asleep after.


Yes, everyday. He is active and kicks up a storm when I lie down and feel really relaxed, I find, in the evenings. When I try to get a video of my belly, he tends to stop. I also find he’s kicking a lot first thing in the morning (or sometimes if I’m up in the middle of the night).

Clothing & Getting Dressed

Getting harder. I’m still wearing these jeans when I actually feel like wearing denim. If you’re pregnant, I cannot recommend these enough, they still have a few sizes left at such an amazing price! I went up one size.

That said, I’m mostly wearing anything stretchy that will go over the bump, and leggings when I’m home and around the house. These leggings are my go-to, in my pre-pregnancy size simply because I didn’t want to spend on another pair. That said, my girlfriend did mention that if you wear them pregnant, they will stretch out and not go back, but I figure that since I’ll be wearing them a ton and they do pill over time, no big deal. Plus, I know it will take time to lose the baby weight and I plan to wear them postpartum so by this time next year, I’ll just buy a new pair 😉

I haven’t purchased any new maternity items since my last haul, I feel like that really helped bridge a gap between my former wardrobe and having functional clothing for work that flattered and felt good. However, now I feel I can get through the rest of the time with what I have (maternity basics, leggings, oversized sweaters I already own, etc.). I will say undergarments are a different story and have had to size up with bras and just ordered some new underwear–everything has expanded!

Any stretch marks?

Not yet, still using this lotion.

What do you miss?

Margaritas, having energy, going to the mall.

Cravings & Aversions

Cereal with regular milk has been a big one as a snack. This morning I woke up craving milk like crazy, which I something I hadn’t drank in years prior to becoming pregnant.

I can eat most foods more easily than before at this point–not too many things turn my stomach, but I still like carbs.

Aversions–nothing really comes to mind (I’m sure there are certain things), which is a huge improvement!


What seems to be round ligament pain–on the right side of my ribs and the odd day where I get it in my pelvis on the right side.

Tired! I cannot believe the shift in my energy level from two weeks ago to now. I was slow before, but now even slower and just really low on energy.


Mostly good. We are getting the nursery started, which eases some of my anxiety about getting more prepared and my baby shower!

Workout Routine

Non existent.

Belly Button in or out?

So close to flush! Which I find very cool. My belly button is normally really deep so seeing it come out has been a weird and cool experience, haha.

Worst moment this week?

Very emotional; my app is triggering me so I’m avoiding reading it and I’m super nervous about giving birth.

Favourite moment this week?

Celebrating our one year wedding anniversary with Marco (above) and talking about becoming parents. He’s so excited, which is really the best.

Looking forward to…

My baby shower that my sister and good friends are throwing for me <3 (I wrote this post a couple weeks ago 😉 )




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