Good morning! Today I wanted to do something a little different. After months and months of use, I’m reviewing a big baby purchase we made:

The Uppababy Vista Stroller

Now, you’re probably no stranger to this stroller if you’re having a baby anytime soon or just had one. It’s definitely one of the hottest strollers on the market, with a medium-high range price tag. Once you know the stroller, you’ll immediately start seeing it when you’re out, as many mom’s swear by it. That said, I’ve got some pros and cons to share if you’re considering this one.

Let’s jump into the review…

When I was pregnant, the Uppababy Vista was high on my priority list–I loved the look of it, had heard great things and knew it was one of the bigger ticket items I wanted to splurge on. We tried it out in store (among other strollers), and both my husband and I loved it.

For context, we have the Uppababy Vista in Jake (all matte black, because I wanted that stealth look).


Let’s get into the basics of the stroller & what you get for the price of $1349.99 CDN / $969.99 USD:


  • Basinet (not shown)
  • Rumble Seat (comes with lap bar, not shown)
  • Stroller base
  • Stroller raincoat (not shown)

The stroller also comes equipped with the ability to click in your infant carseat. If you decide to go with the Uppababy Mesa carseat, you can attach it to the stroller instantly. If you decide to go with another brand (we went with the Nuna Pipa Lite), you will need to purchase additional adapters in order for your carseat to attach. Using these adapters has not proven to be annoying, you just want to ensure you keep them in the car, attached to the stroller or in your diaper bag (whichever is easiest), so you always have them.

The basinet is really nice to have, and can double as a bed for baby if you place it on a stand like this one. It’s great for walks when the baby is an infant and has a great expandable sunshade with UV protection for extra coverage, plus the canopy can be used up or down & also unzips to a screen for airflow. The mattress inside the basinet has a removable cover and that and the sides can be unzipped and easily throw in the washing machine. You can purchase an additional mattress cover too, if you’re using it a lot. Depending on how big your baby is, it can be used for quite some time, but for us, Hendrix grew quickly and we stopped using it around four months. Pro tip: there is a flap on the underside of the basinet that opens (via velcro) for airflow if it’s warm or you’re inside.

The Rumble Seat is used once the baby gets a little older, and is a great piece as it can be placed facing towards or away from the pusher. The area that the baby’s legs rest on, can be positioned straight out or bent down for when they get a little older. The seat itself reclines from straight upright to fully laying down, awesome if you’re trying to get your babe to nap. The canopy boasts an expandable sunshade with UV protection, and a flap on the top for airflow or to see through when you do turn them away from you. The adjustable straps have removable pads and three slot options to grow with your child. Additionally, the canopy slides up easily in height to adjust as your baby becomes a toddler and beyond, and opens and collapses easily with one hand. Lastly, there is a removable lap bar that is included–some days we use it, and I’ll attach a toy to it, and other days we don’t. It’s a nice feature and I imagine we will use it more as Hendrix gets older so he has something to hold onto.


While the stroller is fairly large (since it can be converted to a double), collapsing it is very easy. You need two hands to pull up a leaver on each side of the handle, and then the stroller folds in half and locks. To open the stroller, you need both hands again, but simple to maneuver as only one hand is needed to use the unlock function.

Once the stroller is collapsed, I will say it is a little bit on the heavy side to lift into the car. It’s not terrible, but again, it’s a larger stroller so it has some weight to it. The base is also fairly wide, so you need to have a good sized trunk some width to play with (and not someone who keeps half your life in there 😉 ).

The nice part about the stroller when collapsed, is you can actually use the wheels to slide it into your trunk (provided the pedal lock is in the off position before you collapse it), which helps a ton.


We took one trip with our stroller when Hendrix was two months old, which included taking three flights. We decided to gate check our stroller so we would have it in all the terminals, which was a smart decision. That said, we purchased the Uppababy Travel Bag before our trip because if anything happens to your stroller during the flight, Uppababy guarantees to fix or replace it. The bag itself also comes with a two year warranty.

Breaking down the stroller to fit into the travel bag is a one person job that takes about 3 minutes, once you’ve done it before. We did a practice run at home, because the wheels have to come off, then everything goes into the bag (including the basinet or rumble seat; not both) a certain way and it’s a tight fit. Marco was a pro after doing it twice, so while it’s a little cumbersome, it’s a pretty well oiled machine if you follow the instructions. The travel bag also has a handle and wheels so despite it being a large stroller, you can easily move around with it.

When we travelled, we brought the basinet because Hendrix was so little, and then had our carseat (with this carseat travel bag), which was a great combination. The basinet can also double as the bed for baby in a hotel room (while attached to the stroller for proper airflow) instead of using one of their cribs.



  • Huge under basket (fits a large diaper bag plus lots more)
  • Rides super smooth on smooth surfaces
  • Can convert to a double stroller
  • Handle is adjustable (great for all heights)
  • Comfortable to push
  • Lots of room for baby to grow
  • Various ways for baby to ride (forward or rear facing)
  • Feels very sturdy (something we recognized immediately upon trial in store)
  • Stylish
  • Collapses down quickly and easily/easy to re-open
  • Cool add-on options (ie. the piggyback board for older kids to ride on, and the stylish tan leather handle cover–totally boujee but V chic)
  • Overall a larger stroller


  • Sunshade is expandable, but doesn’t expand as far as other strollers
  • Rugged terrain isn’t ideal (the wheels are okay, but there is no suspension)
  • The stroller is heavy once collapsed but manageable
  • Add-ons tend to be pricey (ie. the Uppababy cup holder and baby snack holder tray are both $40)
  • Overall a larger stroller


Hope you girls found this post helpful. We love this stroller and it’s been a great fit for our family. That said, if after reading this post, you think it may be too large, Uppababy does carry a smaller version called the Cruz or a travel style stroller called the Minu. Both come in a variety of colours and offers the same look on a more compact scale.


That said, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions! xo


Photography by Lisa Provençal.


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