Although we aren’t leaving the house much currently, when we do, even the smallest trip requires bringing along some essentials when baby is in tow. I try to keep everything I need in the diaper bag, so I can just grab and go when the opportunity arises.

Today’s post is all about my diaper bag essentials–what I carry, what I keep inside & how to stay organized.

Let’s jump in…

The diaper bag that I carry is in fact not a diaper bag at all. It’s a nylon shopper/small duffle I snagged from Zara literally a week before giving birth (it’s since sold out, sorry! This one has a very similar look). I saw on it on their website and it fit the specifics of what I was looking for: a bag that did not look like a diaper bag.

That said, there are so many great diaper bags out there that don’t look like diaper bags. They’ve got the compartments and the pockets and all the things. So, if you’re like me, you don’t necessarily need to rule them out, but don’t rule out regular bags either. Sky is the limit, and you can organize within fairly easily with small pouches.

I really wanted a shoulder bag, something that looked stylish, was big enough to jam a bunch of stuff in, and that wasn’t overly feminine so my husband wouldn’t mind toting it around too.

Here are some similar bags I love the look of:



The best way I find to keep myself (and Marco) organized is with small pouches within the diaper bag. Each one looks different, so I know what’s in each one or I can quickly direct him where to go (ie. ‘Get the paci from the silver pouch!‘). This has been extremely helpful in stressful circumstances when you’re frantically in need of something (with a crying baby in tow) and not having to dig to the depths of your bag.

This camo change pad has been awesome & since it has it’s own handle, sometimes I just bring this if we are just heading out and only making one quick stop. It has pockets inside to hold wipes and diapers. It’s also a little padded, so great if you end up changing them on the ground, plus it wipes clean nicely on the inside and outside.

I always keep a swaddle and a receiving blanket in the bag–these are great to double as a blanket if it gets chilly and something to clean up a mess, if it happens. A change of clothes for baby is also a good idea, and I always try to bring an extra shirt for myself–you never know 😉

In the two smaller pouches, I like to keep things like Tylenol, Advil, vaseline, bum cream, extra pacifier, teething toy (this is the one Hendrix has below–he loves it!), etc. Things you may not be using frequently, but will want should the time arise.

Finally, if you’re nursing, I love these covers–they are the softest, stretchiest jersey fabric, very opaque and so comfortable. They are easy to slide on over your head and don’t overheat baby while feeding. Plus they double as a carseat cover & come in a bunch of fun prints!

Two other things I like to keep in the diaper bag that aren’t shown are (1) a large ziplock bag for dirty diapers (in case you are somewhere and there is no garbage bin close by), and (2) a large fabric bag that fits the change pad. Call me a germaphobe, but if I use the change pad on a public surface, I like to then slide it into the fabric bag before putting it back into the diaper bag and contaminating everything inside. Then when I get home, I’ll take out the change pad, give it a quick wipe down, and wash the fabric bag.

Lastly, I usually keep the diaper bag in either my car, the closet at the door or in Hendrix’s closet. If I bring it inside, I’ll give it a quick wipe down with some disinfectant wipes before putting it away. I also find bringing it into the house ensures I’m not forgetting to restock things (diapers, wipes, a clean outfit, etc.).

Hope you girls enjoyed this post and found it helpful. I’ve created a quick checklist below that you can Pin if you’re looking for a reference point on essentials.

See you soon! xo


Photography by Lisa Provençal.


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