Good morning! Today I’m sharing a day in the life with an 11 month old. Hendrix is at a really fun age, he’s eating three regular meals (plus breastfeeding), independently playing, taking two naps a day and just really interactive and sweet. We have been on a good sleeping schedule since four months old and I wanted to break down exactly what our days look like.

Let’s jump in…

If you’d like to see our day in action, you can check out this highlight on my IG page (@lifewithaco) where we ran through our full day in real time.

Hendrix is usually up anywhere between 6am – 7am, and Marco always gets him in the mornings to give me a few more minutes to wake up 😉 We bring him into bed with us, he nurses and we watch an episode of Sesame Street. Then it’s downstairs to get our day started….

I put Hendrix in his Exersaucer/Jumperoo (a life saver!), which gives me about 10 minutes to prepare his breakfast, before he’s done being in there. He usually has scrambled eggs, toast & some fruit cut up with water. While he eats, I scurry around the clean up the kitchen–there may be a mess from the night before, or just the dishes from that morning, but there is always some form of a mess to clean #forevercleaningthekitchen (am I right?).

After he’s done eating, we hang out in the living room and play with his toys. Right now, he’s loving this big truck and anything with wheels! He’s starting to learn to play independently, but still prefers me sitting with him.

By 9:30am, he’s ready for his morning nap so we head upstairs and do a mini nap routine (diaper change, into sleep sack, nurse & into crib awake). He’s still in his pajamas at this point, which makes it easy. I turn on his fan & sound machine, and leave the room. Ideally, he will nap for 1.5 hours, but sometimes it’s just 40 minutes–it’s truly luck of the draw on a day-to-day basis.

During his nap, I grab my breastpump and phone, and sit in bed to pump for 20 minutes. I use this time to scroll or browse online on my own, and just rest. Afterwards, if I’m going to get ready for the day (outfit/makeup/hair), now is the time and I might even grab a quick shower. On days I don’t feel like getting ready, I will make myself my breakfast and either do some stuff around the house, or simply rest if we had a difficult night. Hendrix has been sleeping through the night since four months old (read about our sleep training here), but, we still go through regressions or just odd-ball nights, so, you never know.

Once Hendrix is up, we change his diaper, breastfeed and get him dressed for the day. We head downstairs and play in the living room. Around 12pm, we have lunch (I’ll eat too)–I have a whole highlight dedicated to baby meals if you’re looking for ideas.

Around 2pm, we head upstairs for his second nap, go through the same nap routine as morning, and I put him down awake. Again, an ideal nap will be 1.5 – 2 hours, but sometimes we only get 40 minutes. During this nap, I usually rest–I’ll often be productive on one nap (fold laundry, make the bed, clean a bathroom, work on my computer, etc.) and then need to just rest on the second nap. This may mean laying in bed to watch tv, scroll on my phone, sit and have a snack, etc. If I don’t take one nap to rest, I find I can barely make it through the last wake window of the day–it’s a lot of go-go-go when he’s awake, so the down time is appreciated.

Once he wakes up, I change him, breastfeed and we play some more. Marco will often stop work between 5:30pm – 6pm to spend a bit of time with Hendrix/help with dinner. We feed Hendrix around 5:30pm, and are cleaning up by 6pm. He will play and burn off a bit of energy afterwards, and around 6:15pm, we give him a bottle of breastmilk (that I pumped that morning) + a small bowl of baby oatmeal. We do this to really fill him up, as it was this that got him sleeping through the night many months ago.

At 6:30pm, we head upstairs to the nursery for the bedtime routine, which is diaper change, bath (twice a week), put on pajamas, (Dad leaves), book & nurse in rocking chair. I put him down in his crib awake, and leave for the night. I aim to be out of his room by 7pm.

After bedtime routine, I’m totally bagged! I find it just takes every last ounce of energy out of me. Marco and I will usually order or make food, eat and crash. Then, wake up the next day and do it all over again!

Hope you girls found this DITL helpful! I will be sharing our daily routine again soon now that Hendrix is almost 15 months–things have changed so much! Hope you’re having a great week xo



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