Hey there, happy Tuesday!  Yesterday was a holiday in Canada so I took the extra day to relax before getting the Weekend Snaps up.  The weekend was filled with good food, friends, family and a little bit of laundry.  #keepinitreal

On Friday night, I took my bestie out for her birthday for Italian.  We have a tradition for our birthdays, we always go to dinner just the two of us.  It’s always a great time to celebrate the other annually.

On Saturday morning, Marco brought us coffee in bed (file this under: #swoon #thisneverhappens) and we lazed around for a bit which was great–no early plans to be anywhere, just an easy morning to wake up slowly before getting the day started.

Later I made some pancakes and then it was off to the Vet with our cat, Eve.


Eve gave us a scare just over a month ago, and we have all since been through the ringer.  Saturday was her follow up appointment for blood tests to see where she’s at.  She has chronic kidney disease, which is manageable, but we needed to find out how her kidney levels were doing.

The good news is, her levels are almost normal, the bad news is her red blood cell count is down, which is due to the damage done to the kidneys and it’s irreparable.  All that to say, we can absolutely manage her disease, but need to get her over to a kidney diet (ie. low protein), and continue to give her fluids via intervenes every other day–which we have been doing for a few weeks already.

Obviously, we are worried, relieved, and all of the things in between–but that’s the high level update.  Again, thanks for all the messages and well wishes and advice, it truly means so much to know you girls can relate and care.

On Saturday evening we had our friends over for a BBQ.  We did chicken kabobs and sat around chatting for hours.

The table runner is one I snagged in May when we first moved into the house, from Loblaws.


On Sunday we slept in (amazing!) and eventually made our way to the gym.  Afterwards, we ended up in Chinatown at our favourite Vietnamese spot that we used to frequent weekly, when we lived in the city.  It’s been so long since we’d be to Huong’s, but it was so awesome to get back.

Afterwards, we came home and did some work in the yard before watching a movie.


Monday morning sweat-sesh & my fave pancakes.


Later in the afternoon, we headed out to see Marco’s family.  We had an awesome BBQ and a great visit before trekking back to Ottawa to catch Wedding Crashers on TV and finish up this blog post.

Hope you girls had a great weekend xo


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