Goooood morning!  How was your weekend?  I’m feeling refreshed and happy after a very wonderful weekend, which feels like it’s been a while, so it’s a nice change.

I will preface this post though, I totally didn’t take a ton of photos!  I kind of wanted to just leave my phone alone and enjoy the weekend, and keep my anxiety at bay.  In turn, it was a great three days of cleaning, running errands, a workout, a fabulous dinner at our place with friends and more.  Let’s jump in!

On Saturday I got up, made my favourite pancakes and meandered around the house.  Threw on my gym clothes with full plans to head out and got into a deep clean instead.  We’ve only been in our place for three months, but I had been neglected the dusting, to be honest, so I spent hours getting all the baseboards done and more.

Add laundry on top of that and it was a full day of just getting. ish. done.

It was super productive but totally not photo-worthy, haha.

On Sunday, Marco and I hit the gym and went out for breakfast #theusual.

We then ran around all afternoon getting all the items we needed for the dinner we were hosting that evening.  We had another couple over and it was such a fun night!

Although we have a dining room table, Marco had suggested we set up the kitchen island to eat at, kind of chef’s table style, so we could all chat while Marco cooked up a storm right in front of us.  The stools we have there are the outdoor ones still, and they are totally too high, but it proved to be the perfect set-up for plenty of laughs and conversation over multiple bottles of wine.

Marco planned the menu and we started with my caprese salad.  Then he took over and did a beef tartare with crostini, a maple-reduction seared scallop dish and finally lamb chops on the bbq with risotto.  Um.  What?  I think the three of us were just in awe of the courses as he whipped them up–we certainly don’t cook like this on the reg, so it was an amazing treat!

Our friends brought delicious donuts from Suzy Q for dessert which we later finished off the next morning!


Monday was a total recovery day and it was amazing.

We slept in and lazed around, it was rainy and a little cool but humid outside, and it was just the perfect day to have no plans and relax.  I finished up the last of the kitchen clean up, and spent some time pinning decor.

We have so much to do at our new home, decor-wise, but it takes time, and I’m trying to nail down our style.

Later on, Marco pulled out the pressure washer and washed his car.  I went out and we tag-teamed mine–he did the wheels, I did everything else and we finished just before the rain started.

Afterwards he BBQ’ed us burgers and made the most amazing truffle fries for dinner and we watched the rain come down outside.

Hope you all had a great weekend and got a chance to relax and breathe a little like me.  My anxiety has had me so on edge lately, and I think staying off Instagram basically all day on Sunday was a re-set that I needed.

I also saw this video short about Instagram.  As someone who uses Instagram as a part of my business, it really spoke to me, because it just isn’t real life.  The photos I share are beautiful, but it doesn’t depict a full picture of real life and any down moments or hardships.  Instagram makes everything picture perfect and that is so annoying at times.  It’s hard to remember the behind-the-scenes we don’t see of other’s lives, but they exist.


Enough about that, I think the bottom line is we just need to sometimes step away from social media and live our lives.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a super fun tutorial for you girls so check back in the morning.  See you then!


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