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Hello hello!  How was your weekend?  Things around these parts was good; Friday night was quiet and I ended up napping the night away.  Sometimes I just need that after a long week of work–just climb into bed with some Netflix and literally chill.

Saturday, however, was much more productive…

…we finally took down our Christmas tree!  And all the decor that went with it.  Honestly, usually I love leaving the festive decor up until mid-January but this year I was so over it once New Year’s hit.  Not sure why, but it felt great to get it all taken down and put away.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the house like a mad woman, which always feels good to wake up to on Sunday and also kick off the week/not be scrambling around before work on Monday morning.

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Marco went out in the afternoon and came home with my favourite sandwich from a little store we used to frequent.  It was a delicious throwback.

Later that evening, I realized I needed a few items before shooting with Lisa the next day (ie. nail polish remover, foundation, concealer), so I headed out to Walmart to grab them, along with a few groceries.


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When I got home, I decided to make a little vegetarian power bowl, if you will.  The base was lentils and brown rice, kale and then I topped it with baked sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts & drizzled with olive oil and salt.  It was so good!!  I ended up making the exact same thing for myself the next day!


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On Sunday, I met up with my Photographer–how cute is the pic she snapped of Eve below?!  Adorable!

Cute story:  back in the summer when Eve was in the hospital, they had to shave her left arm (front leg?).  The patch was about an inch by an inch, and it slowly grew back in but there is a small spot that grew in completely white that was never there before.  If you split the hair, it’s super visible and really cute, but you can kind of see it in the photo below.


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Okay and finally–the new boots!! I shared these on Instagram on the weekend and I’m so. freakin’. excited.  I have been coveting these boots for four years, and three years ago I bought a dupe pair (seen in this outfit post), which I was still wearing but still always longing for the real deal.  I found an aaaamazing sale, which is now sold out, and the rest is history.

A few of you were asking about wearing them in the snow on IG, and I’m totally with you–I’m a little worried, but I sprayed them like crazy on the weekend with a leather/suede waterproof spray, and took them out for a spin in some powder and they held up really well.  I used to “save” all my good clothes, shoes and jewellery for special occasions.  I always wanted to keep everything “nice”.  However, as time passed, I would outgrow a style or piece and realize I never got to enjoy it.  It seemed crazy that I was waiting or saving these pieces for an occasion that never came.  A few years back, I made a conscious decision to go against that and wear the pieces I love and use them.  That didn’t mean not taking care of them, it just meant enjoying them on me, versus on a shelf/in a box/in a drawer, etc.  This sounds like such a weird habit, but it was totally how my mind worked–and it was hard to break it.  However, now I’m so much better at wearing items immediately and enjoying them right away.  Sometimes I revert to my old ways, but I try to remind myself that using the pieces after they are purchased is the best part.

All that to say, I’m torn when it comes to wearing these outside–we have brutal winters here in Ottawa, Canada, but at the same time, these boots are mad warm and so so so cozy to wear.  While I likely won’t be wearing these when it’s super slushy outside, I will definitely be using them and getting my money’s worth.  After all, that’s the best way to enjoy them!

I will have a full outfit post coming with the new boots on–I’m so excited about these, I can’t even stop looking at them and smiling.  I hope you girls had a great weekend and got some relaxation in.  I will be sharing my semi-resolutions for 2018 tomorrow so I’ll see you then!




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