I kind of feel like I’m pulling at straws here because while my weekend was jam packed, I didn’t pick up my camera a ton.

Well… I did, but it was to capture video of my friends during their special moments, versus me and upping my selfie game ūüėõ

Let me explain…


On Friday night, we went out to surprise and celebrate a good friend of ours for his birthday! ¬†I caught the whole thing on video and we had an amazing meal out and met some great people. ¬†Totally forgotten? ¬†To snap a pic of my outfit–but you can kind of see it in the above photo with the birthday boy in the middle of Marco and I.


On Saturday night, I went to the most beautiful bridal shower. ¬†Our friends are getting married soon and this past weekend was her bridal shower. ¬†She’s Lebanese and I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to a bridal shower like that, but I hadn’t and it was absolutely sensational.

First of all, it was an evening gathering at a hall, with a full dinner and bar.  There were tables set up, reception style, with beautiful custom stationary placemats, and small favours for guests to take home.  There was a stunning dessert table (pictured above) with custom cookies, donuts and shortly after I took the pic a beautiful, modern three-tier cake was added.

When the bride-to-be arrived, we all gathered by the doors of the hall, music blaring and everyone cheered and clapped and dance as she arrived to her party. ¬†She greeted everyone with hugs and then we were all asked to be seated for an incredible feast. ¬†Afterwards, everyone hit the dance floor and it was as if the venue had been transformed into a dance club. ¬†There was an assortment of Arabic and hip-hop music (the bride’s fave) and out of over 50 women there, almost everyone was on the dance floor. ¬†The party was bumpin’! ¬†You could just tell how much love and thought went into such an amazing night and all the traditional things they did for the bride, it was like they were honouring her and guiding her towards being a wife/married.

While I’ve been to many showers, they have all been traditional North American–usually in the afternoon, some cute games, watching the bride open gifts and delicious finger foods. ¬†This shower was just on another level and I loved every second of it! ¬†All the women were dressed to the nines, excited and not afraid to get down on the dance floor either. ¬†While all showers are joyous, this was more like a party celebration for the bride, and it was really, really cool.

Again, I didn’t snap a good pic of what I wore (it was this dress I’ve had forever) because I was just focussed on getting some vlog footage of the event and the bride and all that. ¬†I’m not necessarily making a vlog of the shower, but I love capturing those moments for people to share with them after the fact. ¬†I would absolutely love it if a friend did the same for me, so I had those tangible memories to hold onto.


And finally, a cute picture of Eve. ¬†A few of you have messaged me, especially lately, about how she’s been doing since our awful experience last summer. ¬†While the Vet did tell us that her kidneys are only functioning at 50% and will never improve, she honestly acts as if nothing ever happened. ¬†It’s truly a miracle.

We have been managing her diet since about September (I think?) with special kidney food (ie. low protein), and also giving her a kidney supplement weekly. ¬†The supplement is a powder that were were to sprinkle on her food, but she refused to eat so I mix with a little water and syringe it into her mouth. ¬†She’s a big fan of this–not ūüėČ ¬†We were able to halt the fluid IV we were giving her, which was wonderful. ¬†We were initially doing it everyday, then every other day, then weekly and eventually we stopped. ¬†Her drinking was back to normal and she was no longer needing the additional fluids, which was wonderful.

All that to say, she’s doing well and still walking around like she owns the place ūüėČ

And lastly, in case you missed it, I shared our Mexico Vacation vlog yesterday from the trip we took last week, if you’d like to see. ¬†Hope you girls had a great weekend!



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