pancakes and coffee on the counter, modern kitchen

Hi girls, how was your weekend?  I have to say, I’m totally pooped!  Between hosting, cleaning, errands, gardening and going out, it was a pretty busy weekend and I’m ready for a nap!  I have a few pictures to document it, per usual, so let’s jump into the recap…



As an aside, I’ve been adding two crushed up GG crackers + 1/3 – 1/2 cup of oats to my pancakes.  I have always added the oats, I find it just helps them stay together, plus adds a little more substance to my breakfast, but adding the GG Crackers ups the fibre.  I tried using only GG Crackers (or Bran Buds), but the consistency was awful.  I find two crackers gives them a nice bran element–if you like that sort of thing–without sacrificing the density.

softball field in summer

I went out to see Marco and my best gal pal playing a softball tournament on Saturday.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, so perfect to be outside.  They lost, but still were in good spirits.

After hanging out for a while thereafter, I headed over to the gym before heading home to relax for a bit.

That night, we headed out for our friend’s birthday and ended up at The Waverly, a hot spot downtown, and danced the night away.

1 person, selfie wearing Rolling Stones tee 1 person, night out, downtown Ottawa


I can’t get enough of this tee!  I wore it last weekend with black denim and this weekend I dressed it up.  I had several girls stop me because they loved it too.  I actually found mine at Walmart for $12 (score!) in the men’s section; they had Pink Floyd, Guns N Roses & AC/DC as well.  I had the G&R one in my cart as well but decided I just needed the one for now 😉

Band tees are a huge trend right now, so if you can find one for cheaper, why not?!  The fabric is a little thicker and stiffer on this one, so I think you might be sacrificing that with a cheaper one like mine, but I don’t mind.  I also like to roll the sleeves up to add some interest.  Also thinking of snipping a few holes around the neckline but was rushing out the door on Saturday night.  I’m wearing a size medium which is a slim fit, but not tight.

cute black cat cuddling 1 person, selfie in mirror, wearing workout clothes


After a late night on Saturday, we slept in on Sunday which was amazing.  Eventually got up, did the pancakes routine 😉 and got ready for the gym.

We ended up grabbing breakfast after I workout but I forgot to snap a pic before I dove in.  Then we ran a couple errands.

chicken lettuce wrap with tomato

I spent the rest of the afternoon outside weeding the garden–ugh!  Marco is definitely great with the lawn care and gardening and he planted a few beautiful gardens last year when we moved in, to get things started.  This year, I actually planted a few things myself, but we haven’t dedicated much time to weeding and it’s taking a toll!  I’ve never been one for gardening, but thought maybe I could get into it.  I brought out the portable speaker, had my “gardening clothes” on, and was getting down to business.  I did a good chunk but man, it’s a lot of work.  I’m sure many of you are laughing at me right now, but hey, it is what it is!

For dinner, Marco whipped up some Asian-style BBQ chicken, and we had a ton of left over Boston lettuce from a BBQ we hosted on Friday night with his softball team so I made it into a  lettuce wrap.  I also added some pickled eggplant after I took this pic and it was so good.  Also still loving making my chocolate avocado pudding for a sweet snack in the evenings.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.  Tomorrow I’m sharing the wedding dresses that didn’t make the cut!




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