Hello hello!  I’m back from a relaxing week off and am back to share all the stories of what went down.

The last time I took holidays in the summer was… never.  Actually, I cannot remember if I’ve ever done that in the past 11 years of working in my career as I always save my holidays for winter and spring trips.  However, since I was leaving a job and starting a very brand new one (different building, people, all the new! etc.), I wanted to take the week in between to recharge my batteries and just chill before jumping in.  And that’s exactly what I did.

The first three days of my vacation were the Canada Day long weekend, and I shared a recap of what I did in this post.  Moving into the beginning of the week, Marco decided to take a few days off with me, which was amazing.  He rarely gets time off, unless we are travelling to another country/city, so to be home with him for the week was such a treat.

We spent the first couple days of our week perusing a local farm for plants, garden centres, checking out art at Home Sense and eating home made meals out on the back deck.  Actually, I spent a ton of time on the back deck just watching YouTube videos, drinking wine, getting lost in a  social media vortex and enjoying the blazing, hot sun.  We had temperatures of +35C all week and it was the perfect week to be off!

Later in the week, my best friend and I hit up Le Nordik, which is the biggest outdoor spa in North America.  It’s essentially a bunch of outdoor baths, pools, hot tubs, saunas, relaxation areas and more in the middle of a forest.  You get a day pass and just pool hop, grab some cocktails, get a bite to eat at the outdoor restaurant maybe, and just enjoy the sunshine (or shade).  I thought we might be bored after a couple hours but ended up spending five hours there!  Sometimes I have trouble relaxing and being still, but we grabbed a cocktail immediately, and between hanging out and the excitement of going between pools that were 100F and 50F, it was a hoot!  We had such a great time just chatting and spending some real QT BFF time together.  Sarah had actually gifted me with the pass for my birthday over a year ago, so we finally put it to good use and it was an incredibly relaxing day.

We also had one of Marco’s high school friends come stay with us for the latter part of the week from Vietnam!  We hadn’t seen him in close to two years, and he teaches over there but is from Canada.  We drank and laughed and just hung out.  One night we had our friend’s over and the five of us enjoyed an amazing short rib that Marco cooked up and desserts they brought, and another night just the three of us went for ramen at our fave spot, Sansotei.

Overall, it was a low key, relaxing and semi productive week, which reenergized me and fed my soul.  Sleeping in on the daily, no plans and seeing where the day will take you was really nice and I definitely was ready for it to end.  Hope you girls are all having a great week.  I’m linking everything I wore in the photos in the widget below, so press the arrow to scroll if you’re looking for something specific and I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit post and then the NSALE first picks when the sale opens Wednesday at midnight!



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