Wedding plans are well underway and we’re moving full steam ahead being just two months out (eep!).

Last week, I met with my bridesmaids to go over a draft itinerary of the day and kind of just share all the information that was swirling around in my head.  It was helpful to get it out as well so we can move forward on the same page, and work together effectively.  We discussed what vendors we are using, how the day will look, costs for them, the bachelorette, overall feel Marco and I are hoping to achieve on the wedding day and more.  Since then, they’ve been busy working on some behind the scenes stuff to help, which I’m super grateful for.

On top of that, I’ve been working with a wedding planner, Christina from Novella Theory Weddings & Events, and it’s been incredibly helpful thus far in finding, negotiating and securing vendors, bouncing ideas off of an expert and just calming my nerves in general.  I will share more about the experience as a whole after the wedding.

As far as updates go, we finalized and sent out the invitations, which was a huge weight off our shoulders.  My best friend/bridesmaid, Sarah, came over and calligraphed the envelopes and I stuffed, stamped and sealed them (wine included).  The most exciting part though, has been people receiving them and sending Marco and I snaps, DM’s and messages about getting their invite!  I never thought this part would be so exciting, but it is and has totally amped up my excitement!  I’m going to do a full post on the process of creating our invites and how to stay organized, so stay tuned for that.

As far as the dress goes, I have a couple surprises up my sleeve, but have my first fitting this weekend for alterations.  I’m nervous and excited.  The dress fits quite well to begin with, but I’m making a few changes to make it slightly custom and of course fit just right.  You can see all the dresses I tried on but not the one I chose in this post.

Accessories are unknown at this point but I do have shoes!!!  I finally pulled the trigger on the pair I was eyeing for our reception (ie. the dancing shoes 😉 ) and they are very unexpected but I’m so pumped about them.  I want to wear them now, but not sure if that takes the special-ness away from them?  I also snagged this pair for the ceremony, which are super comfortable and I like that there is a heel but I won’t be towering over Marco.

We also have an appointment with our jeweller to start designing our wedding bands.  Marco knows exactly what he wants, and I love his design.  Me on the other hand, is a bit of an unknown!  I’ve always loved an eternity band, and that is a strong front runner, however, am considering options for a right-hand wedding band (a hot trendy right now) or something a little more artistic to work with my engagement ring.

As far as our honeymoon is concerned, it will be delayed until February, but where we will go is still up in the air.  Marco’s work is very busy in November and December so while I’d love to go immediately, we will have to push it a few months.  We would love to head back to Europe or somewhere hot that doesn’t have Zika 😉

I think that’s pretty much for now–happy to share more as we move closer to our date and have a few more informational/helpful wedding posts coming up too.  Happy Friday ladies!




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