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There seems to be two types of over the knee (OTK) boots out there:  thicker fabric (think heavy suede or leather; like mine today) that look great pulled straight or with a little slouch to them.  Or thinner fabric (like these black ones I have) that really hugs the legs and are almost like fabric when you take them off, with no structure.

I think there are benefits to both, so wanted to share a little bit why I’m loving a more structure OTK boot lately.  Let’s jump in!

girl wearing white sweater, givenchy bag, fall outfit ideas1 person, tan over the knee boots and givenchy antigona baggirl holding givenchy antigona baggirl wearing white sweater, givenchy baggirl wearing white sweater, givenchy bag


When looking through my closet, I definitely have more structured OTK boots than fabric styles, but in the past have tended to reach more for the latter.  That said, I’m really starting to enjoy the thicker fabric as you always know they will stay up.  Since slouchy boots are super on trend right now too (you will see this even more next fall), this boot can pull double duty, but also look great if it starts to slouch as your day/evening goes on.

Another benefit of a more structured boot is that the shaft is often more forgiving.  If you’re someone who has a hard time finding a boot that fits your calves or thighs, these boots likely will and even if you’re not and they look a little roomy on you, it’s still very on trend.  Oftentimes a boot like this will also come with a more prominent heel–like a block or cone, which makes them a little edgier and great with sweater dresses, jeans, or leather pants.  I also like to use these boot shapers to hold their shape and structure when not wearing them, however, a rolled up magazine or bottle of wine works as well!

I wanted to briefly touch on the jeans I’m wearing today–I don’t normally share negative reviews on here, I simply don’t talk about things I don’t like and only share things I do.  That said, I was loving these jeans so hard when I got them in the summer during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I was wearing them at least bi-weekly, sometimes more.  However, they started fading almost immediately, which was pretty upsetting considering they are not a budget-friendly pair of jeans.  I continued to wear them but would wash after a couple wears instead of after every wear, and always hang to dry.  However, the last time I washed them, they faded so much they looked like the faded distressed Rag & Bone jeans I have that came that way (as seen on me here).  It got to the point where they looked so bad and faded, I had to stop wearing them to work because they didn’t look polished any more.  I ended up going back to Nordstrom (with my receipt) and they fully refunded me the amount I paid.  I was so relieved knowing I’d be able to put the money towards something else and am eyeing these now instead (still need to try on; also this designer pair is under $100 with all sizes stocked!  I find I need to size down one size in that brand).  Rag & Bone have been my favourite designer denim for a couple years now and I’ve raved about them a lot, so it was disappointing to have this happen, but it wouldn’t deter me from trying them again either (maybe just not black 😉 ).  I just wanted to share this because I know a lot of you purchased these jeans back in the summer because I loved them myself but if you’re having any issues, Nordstrom was really great about the whole thing.

Phew!  That was lengthy but hopefully helpful.  Have a great day & see you tomorrow!


Photography by Lisa Provençal Photography.


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