Throwing it back a little for today’s post and talking all items baby. I know many of you girls are pregnant or new mom’s looking for ideas, so let’s get into what we registered for (and are using).


For this babe, we registered on Amazon and BuyBuyBaby, and then also used a free service called MyRegistry wherein you can add anything you want online.

MyRegistry is available in Canada and the US, and their app is super user friendly. Essentially, once you create a free account, you can use the web browser on your phone to source items you’d like to add. What I loved about using this option, was I could add items to my registry from stores that don’t have their own registry, or from small shops to support small business owners (think Etsy, Instagram shops, etc.). I’ve created a simple graphic below to show how easy it is to add items to your registry this way.

As an example, I wanted to register for the nude swaddle above from Field Day, which is a small Canadian company that makes really sweet baby clothing (my girlfriend gifted us the grey one, below). Once I had the MyRegistry app, I used Safari on my phone to go to the Field Day website. Once I was on the page of the item I wanted, I clicked on the small up-arrow icon at the bottom of the page. This gives you the option to select an app (you may have to go under ‘more’ to find it). From there, you can edit the fields (third image above), for instance, write in the colour, size, change the price if it’s wrong, etc. Then click ‘add gift’, and it will automatically be added to your registry. Brilliant!

You can also sync your Amazon and BuyBuyBaby registries into MyRegistry so everything is in one place. Very convenient. Then you just give anyone asking the link to your MyRegistry and everything is there.

Other places I added items from were H&M, Chapters, and a couple Etsy shops. It was a mix of items online and in store, but even if they were purchased in store, the buyer could mark them as ‘purchased’ so there weren’t duplicates.


Registering for a new baby can be pretty foreign when it’s your first, and I knew I didn’t want to go crazy on cute items, and tried to really focus on useful essentials (and a few splurges 😉 ). I also didn’t want to go into the store and go scanner-happy on all the things, so I took my time and curated our registry all online (love that). Once it was pretty established, I had two mom friends go through it to see if I was missing anything or if I should remove anything that was really unnecessary.

The following are items I registered for, received and am loving (or will love in the future). Speaking of future, one of my girlfriend’s suggested we register for items for when the baby is a little older–think utensils, dishes, snack cups, etc. Which is so smart; they grow so quickly and having items to use throughout various stages is tremendously helpful as time goes on.

To highlight a few things:

  • These swaddles are pricey but excellent because they are so oversized and a wonderful fabric.
  • This sound machine has been so crucial in calming him down in so many situations.
  • These nipples/bottles are pricier, but, they were recommended to me by the Lactation Consultant I saw in the hospital because they encourage the baby to work at getting the milk, as they would while breastfeeding, so as to not get ‘lazy’ if you’re trying to do both (we bought two & so glad to have in case one is dirty/not sterilized).
  • This sterilizer is a bigger ticket item that our friends got us off the registry and it’s come in so handy–if you’re dealing with bottles or pump parts, it’s so nice to have, plus it dries the items completely (unlike other sterilizers).
  • I’m so glad we purchased this nightlight, almost immediately following his arrival. It’s a wireless, touch on/off egg shape that can sit on your dresser, bed, wherever. It charges via USB and there are two light settings, so you can dim it for middle of the night feeds. As an added bonus, it will light up any colour of the rainbow, which will be fun as a kid’s room nightlight down the road.
  • I snagged this sleep sack/swaddle second hand from a friend of a friend and Hendrix loved it. He would often squirm out of a swaddle in the night and this kept him contained (and from scratching his eyeballs out!).

Lastly, when it comes to clothes, they tend to grow out of things really quickly. One of my girlfriends suggested we register for a bunch of sleepers for the first three months–and boy am I glad she did. Yes, people will buy you adorable outfits, which is wonderful, but the majority of the time, your babe is going to be hanging out in pyjamas while you adjust to your new normal. Make it easy on yourself and register for these because you will definitely get your use out of them; these ones have been our favourites, they are cozy, affordable and the zipper is key for middle of the night changes!

One last thing to note that was extremely helpful, was for my baby shower, the girls asked everyone to bring a book instead of a card. This isn’t anything new but it certainly is helpful in starting off the baby’s library and such a nice to have.

Will share a post on all my newborn essentials that we have used over and over again in the first couple months in a coming post. Hope you girls have a great day! xo

Photography by Lisa Provençal.


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