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It seems everywhere you look these days, designer bags are popping up.  To some, it may seem crazy to spend so much on one piece, to others, it’s an investment that will last them a lifetime.  As someone who joined the bag game “later in life”, I totally get now why women splurge on such beautiful pieces, and while you definitely pay for a name, the quality is truly unbeatable.

That said, bags can run upwards of $5k (or more), however, there are so many beautiful bags that can be scored for under $1000, and I wanted to highlight those today for anyone looking to splurge for the upcoming season.


When considering a designer bag, I’m definitely in the mindset of neutral and versatile.  Now is not the time to choose a crazy pattern or something ultra trendy–I mean, unless you have an endless budget to spend 😉  Pick something with a classic design, colour and shape that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.  However, if you are a leopard lover, I have to say this one did really catch my eye!

I’ve done a bunch of digging online to come up with some beautiful, timeless bags that are both versatile and neutral, and am breaking them down below.



I have to say, while my Gucci bag in the pic above is a little over the $1k mark, the ones in the widget above are equally as nice.  This one is almost identical, with the leather being the same and the size being similar. I wasn’t into the quilting when I got mine over a year ago, but now it’s really grown on me.  That said, I’m a huge fan of this Prada–it’s streamlined, cross body and not everyone and their mother has it 😉



Nude bags definitely speak to me in all the right ways #sendnudes.  My Proenza Schouler bag (seen here & here) is easily my most worn bag, and while I love the others just as much, there is just something so versatile and chic about a nude bag.  If you go with something that’s a little bit bigger, but can still be hands free (such a life saver), then I would highly suggest it.  When a bag is easily worn and good for everyday life, that is when you will truly see your cost per wear pay off.

I will say though, when I first got mine, the denim transfer onto the leather was real, and I thought to myself, ‘What was I thinking getting a nude bag?!‘  However, as the years have gone by, I reach for it over and over again and just make sure to use a leather cleaner regularly and treat it with care, like any investment piece.

There are so many great options above, but I’m so in love with this one.  Oddly enough, it has a very similar feel to the Proenza despite being a different brand.  I also think this Givenchy is just stunning #wishlist.


Hope this post was a little helpful if any of you girls are debating make a bigger purchase but trying to stay under $1000.  I would highly suggest finding a bag you love and sleeping on it for many, many nights.  Generally I’m eyeing something for multiple months to years before I’ve purchased it, making me really certain when it comes to pulling the trigger.  Don’t be afraid to simmer with it for some time, it is a big purchase and you want to love and use it for a long, long time.




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