1 person sitting on the curb, girl in fiddler cap and sneakers

Okay, if there is one thing I am not, it is on the ball with my YouTube resolutions.  Ugh.  I had shared I would post a recap video per month and I’m sharing March in July #fail.

However, I am finally getting some time to myself with no real planned adventures this week, being on vacation, and so I started to pull footage out and really got into editing this one up.  I did quite a bit in March and wanted to still share it, because I personally love watching vlogs, even if the footage is a few months back.

All that to say!  March was a busy month–two bridal showers, two surprise birthdays, putting together my new snowboard, some real talk on feeling sad when you don’t really have anything to feel bad about, per say and also a lot of everyday, regular, no-make up days, ie. real life.  Additionally, I shared a separate video on my birthday weekend (+ a full post dedicated to all the photos), so you can peep that here if you’d like to see since it was in March as well.

With that, onto the video!




‣ This is the new snowboard.
Picklebacks, ’nuff said.
‣ I had a huge computer crash this time last year, lost all the video footage I had never uploaded & shared about it here.
‣ I love margaritas.
‣ We saw Matthew Good & Our Lady Peace.
‣ Pancake recipe here.
‣ I love the Instant Pot!
‣ I also love Vietnamese food–we always go to Huong’s in Ottawa.
‣ There were two surprise 40th birthday parties in March.
‣ …and two bridal showers.
My leather jacket.
‣ Grey scarf is old Club Monaco but this one is similar.




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