Alright ladies, as promised I said I would get a post up all about the dress I wore for my (in-town) Ottawa bachelorette.  Now here we are two days before the wedding and I’m finally sharing–oops!

If you’re new here, my bridesmaids and friends whisked me away to Montreal (about two hours away) to celebrate my bachelorette for a weekend.  I shared all the photos here + a recap of what I wore here.  As not everyone could make it to Montreal, with did an Ottawa edition bachelorette the following weekend.

Since I splurged on my Montreal dress, I was so stoked when a friend of mine offered to lend me this dress I’m wearing today.  She had worn it to a wedding earlier in the summer and was stunning!  The dress is now less than a third of the original price and is fully lined and such great quality.


So for the bachelorette, which I shared a little about here (+more photos), we went out to dinner and had the best time.  We met this couple that sat next to us who had been married for 30 years and they were just so sweet, supportive and you could tell they still really enjoyed each other’s company.  They had a drink with us and we all cheers-ed.  One of my girlfriend brought some fun photo props for candid pictures and we just had a wonderful evening.

If you’re looking for the dress and the link above is just taking you to the main page, try searching, ‘nawle’ in the search box at the top.  I’m also seeing this only seems to work on the American site, so if you’re in Canada, I think we are out of luck (sorry!).

As for undergarments, I just wore a regular strapless bra, and these are my favourite undies when you need a seamless look.  I find they don’t dig in whatsoever, sit smoothly and are super comfortable.

The feather earrings I’m wearing at so old–I’ve probably had them in my collection for like 10 years, back when dangly earrings were everything and girls would wear them everyday.  I used to be a server and all the girls (including myself) would rock dangly earrings with their uniform–which kind of makes me laugh/smile now.  Now, dangly (ie. statement) earrings are back and I’m so glad I held onto these because they’ve been prominent in the rotation.  These ones are really similar and I love the other navy colour they come in (also super budget friendly under $10).  And these ones are under $20 and really pretty too.  I think I paid closer to $30 for mine at the time and remember thinking it was so expensive and would I actually get my money’s worth but 10+ years later, I’d say yes 🙂

I’m off to tie up some last minute wedding lost ends + get a manicure for the big day.  Hope you girls have a great day!





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